It’s a long one…

And while I have been known to get into heated debates with people over whether it's width or length that matters (for the record I say width) I'm not talking about phallus size (and also for the record, I *heart* the word phallus). What I'm talking about is post length and this one is going... Continue Reading →


And my answers…

1. Your role? Slave - although by a lot of people's definitions I'm probably just a whiney bitch who likes rough sex. 2. Current relationship? Owned by my current Master for 3 1/2 years. I had another owner prior to Master who I was with for a year. 3. Your favourite type of play? Bondage... Continue Reading →

The BDSM twenty questions

Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets and I'll tell you mine... 1. Your role? 2. Current relationship? 3. Your favourite type of play? 4. Your most hated type of play? 5. The most annoying habit of your owner/slave/whatever you call your SO? 6. Your deepest fear? 7. Your most memorable public experience (or what you... Continue Reading →

Retrospect is a wonderful thing

After all the fuss of xmas, and with turkey eaten and pudding digested there's nothing left this year to do but think about what was, what wasn't and what should of been. I tend to get all out-of-sorts around this time anyway, but this year I'm tending towards the almost feral.Why? Because this year has... Continue Reading →

Sexy Santa Bunny Slut

Guess what?!? I have ouchies....and there was hardly any licking involved! Yay! I went to the play party last night dressed in my "Santa Play Bunny Outfit" that I found while out shopping yesterday. While I did consider attending the party in just a santa hat saying, 'Ho Ho Ho' thinking that would be more... Continue Reading →


In a sneak preview of what the 2012 Mayan prophecy has in store for us along the lines of the cataclysmic demise of the earth, we awoke yesterday morning in our fair town of Perth to a bleary, smoke-filled morning and a barely discernable red-glowing sun. Apparently, there is so much smoke from the surrounding... Continue Reading →

Born to be hurt

Ever wonder what you're here on the earth for? I do. All the time. I'm obviously not here to cure cancer, propagate the species or entertain the masses with my wit. So what, pray tell, is my purpose for being? When I found this thing called slavery, one of the things I was enamoured with... Continue Reading →

For hire

So, you know how every guy who owns a chick wants to give/rent/loan them out to others? Well, my owner-type guy is no different. As you can see from my ad above though, I don't think we'll have the punters lined up outside the door. I'm a whore with dubious whore skills. We know a... Continue Reading →

Norti and Nice

(Click here to see the winner (s) of the "I'm an innernets smartipants!" award from yesterday's post.) I stupidly worked up the courage this morning on the bus to tell my mum and my sister about Jacque. The act of texting the words, of course, got me all a sobbing again so there I was... Continue Reading →

Ten truths? about me

In an effort to lift the mood around here, I thought we might play a little game. Hermione did something similar to this a while back, so I thought I might give it a go too, but with a twist. Below you'll see ten statements about me, but only one of them is false. Your... Continue Reading →

The day after

My day today was a mix of random sobbing and staring into space. It kind of went something like this: 1. Open my email - start sobbing 2. Walk to the bus stop - start sobbing 3. Boss asks a question about upcoming shipments - start sobbing 4. Come home on the bus - start... Continue Reading →


We said our final goodbyes to the poodle pup today in a way that I was hoping to avoid. At 1pm the vet administered a lethal dose of anaesthetic and as I stroked his fluffy white coat, murmuring over and over again 'good boy', I felt him take his last breath. It was so very... Continue Reading →

Just breathe and reboot

Meltdowns are a fairly common topic when I read subbly folk's blogs, hell, I have them myself often enough and the general idea is that when a meltdown occurs something is wrong, but I'm convinced that often a meltdown is not an indication that something is wrong, but actually that something is right. I find... Continue Reading →

Wanted: army to eat leftovers

We had one of our regular luncheons for fabulous kinky folks today and Master made more than enough to feed our eight guests. The theme for the day was Spanish tapas and once we'd laid all the dishes out on the bench, it was groaning from the weight of food: Along with three types of... Continue Reading →


Along with the clamps-up-my-nostrils joviality on Saturday that I discussed in my last post, we also had a bit of an impromptu photo session as there weren't many people there and things were a bit quiet. We got a couple of nice pics that I'm thinking of using on the xmas cards for this year:... Continue Reading →

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