In a sneak preview of what the 2012 Mayan prophecy has in store for us along the lines of the cataclysmic demise of the earth, we awoke yesterday morning in our fair town of Perth to a bleary, smoke-filled morning and a barely discernable red-glowing sun. Apparently, there is so much smoke from the surrounding bushfires that you can see it from space:

(Perth is hidden under that stream of smoke where it heads off to the sea just above the cloud cover. Photo:  thanks to our friends at NASA for having nothing better to do than take pictures of smoke all day.)

The cover of smoke has dropped the temperature so much that I took turkey stew for lunch AND wore boots to work. Now that’s a pretty significant drop in temperature considering I was ridiculously hot on Sunday wearing nothing but my shiny thing – and even that felt hot and heavy.

I pointed out to Master on Sunday about the said shiny thing feeling like it was on fire and choking me at the same time, thinking that perhaps I could get a dispensation from wearing it while the temperature was nudging OMGHOT like I do with boots during summer, but of course his response was,

“What are you?”

To which I responded,

“Hot.” (of course…)

And he gave me ‘the look’ and I responded with the appropriate required response,

“Your slave.”

To which he said,

“Well, there’s your answer then.”

But I wasn’t about to give up so easily, so I put on my best sad & mournful face and asked him how he’d feel if he was in my position and had to wear the fucking shiny thing (thinking to get a bit of a sympathy vote…)

“I’d hate it,” he said.

Hurrah! I thought. I could see the headlines now:

Sneaky Slave Scores Shiny Symbol Separation

But my celebrations were short-lived:

“But you’re a slave, so suck it up buttercup.”

It’s moments like this I hate that he reads other blogs. They give him all sorts of unsavoury ideas like not giving in to your uberly-cute slavegirl when she bats her eyelids at you.

So can everyone write happy-joy-joy stories about how much of a push-over their domly folk are please? The smoke is starting to clear and shiny-thing-wearing folk are getting desperate!


4 thoughts on “Smokescreen

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  1. He’s my hero! “But you’re a slave, so suck it up buttercup” That’s soooo coool!

    I will definitely be remembering that one.

    You’re such a lucky slave to have such a headstrong, focused master… 🙂

    1. You do realise that I hold you almost completely responsible for my domly-one’s ‘suck it up buttercup’ mentality! You and Scott have a lot to answer for!!!

  2. my Dom isn’t a push-over either. My life would be tremendously easier if He was. Pete commented that you were lucky to have such a headstrong Master. Some days i’m sure you feel luckier than others.

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