Xmas downunder (no pubes involved)

I suppose I should squeeze something out in terms of a post seeing as I finished work today and don’t have to go back to that place that is so boring it makes me want to open a vein on a daily basis the office for nine days. Personally, I would of preferred to have no time off and get paid instead because I’ll probably do nothing but play wow anyway and these days, money is the preferred option.

I did the obligatory gift-giving thing to my boss today because I had that ‘feeling’ he was going to give me something and I didn’t want to have the faux pas of not having anything to give in return. Even though I’d already told him I was on my own personal christmas strike this year and not celebrating it, I just had that crap-he’s-going-to-buy-me-something tingle up the back of my neck that forced me out into the jungles of the pre-xmas shops. It was not pretty, and after much angst and up-teen entered shops, I ended up buying something boring and just being relieved by the fact that I had something to give.

One thing that really sucks about xmas in the southern hemisphere is that it’s soooooooo not good eating weather. It’s hot, dry and any eating outside is accompanied by swarms of flies. It’s just not the sort of time to be eating roast turkey and plum puddings and all that normal decadently rich stuff that should accompany xmas, and so everyone settles for bbqs and salads. I said to Master that we should celebrate xmas next year in July when it’s cold and you’ve got an appetite for the good stuff.

I spent a sum total of six Christmases in the northern hemisphere when I lived in Japan, where it was suitably cold and I think once we even had a light dusting of snow. Unfortunately, xmas in Japan is generally celebrated with a bucket of kfc and a strawberry shortcake on xmas eve – the reason being that 99% of Japanese people don’t have an oven to cook a roast in and for the 1% that do, the oven is generally only big enough to fit a chicken thigh or two. KFC jumped on the advertising wagon in the 70’s claiming that fried chicken was the closest thing to a traditional roast turkey and xmas in Japan is now forever and ever kentakkii! Dried fruit is also pretty non-existent, so a plum pudding is unheard of and I never did see or hear of that mysterious thing called ‘turkey’ the whole time I was there.

So, I’ve never really had a ‘christmassy christmas’ and somehow I feel like I’ve been robbed. Although I don’t like the cold, food is so much yummier in winter and I’m sure listening to “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” as I did my Christmas shopping drowning in my own sweat wouldn’t be so ironic.

Master and I have a quiet day planned – just the two of us. In defiance of the weather we’re going to roast a turkey breast and have the whole gamut of roast vegetables. For dessert there is Master’s plum pudding that he steamed a couple of weeks back and that has been maturing since then. It smells divine and I can’t wait to taste it warm with some custard and ice cream. We might head to the beach in the afternoon or just chill for the rest of the day.

Merry Xmas everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday.


3 thoughts on “Xmas downunder (no pubes involved)

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  1. Merry Christmas from the frozen North. We will be having roast turkey, sprouts, mashed potatoes and my homemade plum pud with hard sauce. It’s about minus 6 C now, and snow and freezing rain promised for the big day. Ah, that cartoon looks pretty good to me!

    All the best in the New Year.


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