When I can’t be bothered to write a proper post…

…I bring you snippets!

* I broke my orgasm drought! I earned one release for ‘being amusing’ and after holding on to it for approximately two weeks, last night at 1am I was feeling restless and used it. It was a no-frills finger job owing to the fact that my hitachi was in Master’s bedroom and I didn’t feel like charging in there for it while he was asleep. I’d avoided porn like the plague for a couple of months because I knew if I watched any of it, I’d be torturing myself without being able to have a release, so I had a HUGE amount of new porn to click through. It was yummy.

*I’ve rediscovered my piano mojo! After being depressed that my hands just didn’t want to cooperate after nearly a decade and a half without so much as touching a key, a couple of hours of messing around on my new keyboard and it all started coming back to me. My reading of music is a bit woeful at present, but hopefully that will get better with practise too.

* Random acts of kindness rock! Remember a while ago when I said I needed to do 181 quests on WoW to get my deathchill cloak recipe? Well I did all that I could on my own and had about 30 quests left that I needed a group for. After a couple of weeks of no luck with trying to find people to group with an un-geared n00b like me, an uberly nice person grouped with me and helped me do ALL my remaining quests. It kind of restored my faith in man-kind.

* It’s raining! It’s only a few drops, but anything is better than nothing for my poor veggie garden babies. I’ve been lugging out bottles of water every day in an attempt to keep more from dying, but I’ve lost all of my onions and quite a few of everything else to the baking sun. I’ve also been battling with caterpillars, grasshoppers and mysterious creatures that eat my babies in the middle of the night.

* I’ve eaten approximately a whole xmas pudding (the puddings Master made were so completely divine) and half a container of ice cream! I’m thinking that the new year will see me doing a serious detox and getting back on the diet wagon before I can’t fit into my new clothes anymore.

* I cleaned my room! It’s been many, many months since I last saw my floor and today I thought I’d be productive. Master calls my room “The minefield” and while I don’t make it messy on purpose, it’s comforting to know that no-one can sneak up on me in the middle of the night without falling over shit and waking me up.

*I think I like my iMac! While the magic mouse sucks for playing WoW and gives me major RSI, I’m enjoying having a computer that I can turn on and just do stuff with. We have had a few dramas with networking and sound issues, but overall I think there’s a lot less drama than with Windoze. Once I set it up to right-click, my brain was a lot happier.

*I enjoy going to bed at 2am and getting up after 9am! That’s the good thing about having a week off – the only good thing, because I obviously won’t get a paycheck this week.

*I’m in two minds about whether I want to see Sherlock Holmes or Avatar at the movies. I have a very soft spot for Robert Downey Jr., who I never used to like until I saw him in Ironman, and I hate, hate, hated Titanic, so James Cameron needs to do something marvellous to get into my good books.

*I finished Kushiel’s Dart! Yay! Third time was a charm. I still don’t understand who is who and all the political stuff that went on but at least I can now say I have read it. My thoughts? Meh. It’s a book. Not at all kinky and definitely not enough details about juicy stuff. I’ve started Kushiel’s Chosen and then I’ll see whether I want to buy the third one, just to finish the trilogy.

* I need a new tv series to watch. Now that True Blood has finished, I officially have *nothing* on tv to watch at all. But the really disturbing thing? I kind of started liking Eric at the end of Season Two….now I’m thinking he’s hotter than Bill…I saw an interview with the guy who played Sookie’s brother in the paper the other day. He’s Australian, Sookie grew up in New Zealand and Bill is a pommie. When I watch the show, I always sit there and listen to their amusing American accents.


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  1. I’ve seen both Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. I liked both, but Avatar won me over, hands down. I’ve seen it twice, both in 3D, one of those times in IMAX. Fabulous movie.

    Sherlock Holmes was enjoyable too. The humor is kind of cerebral, and a fair bit of the audience around me didn’t find the jokes funny, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Master and I were talking about going to see it in 3D at IMAX and then we kind of got turned off by the fact that it would cost us $59 for two tickets. Me likey the idea of cerebral humour. I was only thinking the other day that it has been an eternity since I saw a good, witty movie.

  2. Sherlock, go with Sherlock. If Avatar is at all tempting (in thearter) watch fern gully instead, seems to be roughly the same movie.

  3. Hm. I too am in the same boat for tv watching. My boyfriend and I don’t watch tv tv very much (ie we watch seasons of stuff instead). If you like history, and like the “midieval” times, I’ve heard The Tudors are very good.

    Dexter is amazing, and if you don’t know what it is: It’s about a serial killer in Miami who tries to balance his “normal” life and his “dark passenger”. Fourth season just finished on TV.

    House: Doctors solving cases, lots of analysis put into everyone which sometimes grates on peoples nerves (ie “You’re doing this because such and such” “Oh, yeah? Well, you’re saying this and acting like THIS because…”) but just depends.

    Desperate Housewives: Soap opera but better written and filmed in a better quality. It’s on it’s sixth season (same as House).

    Heroes is also very good (people get super powers and deal with it) and it’s into it’s fourth season. Also, Six Feet Under which is about funeral undertakers.

    Google Project Free TV and you’ll find a website with HUNDREDS of TV shows which you can stream onto your computer.

    I’ve also heard that Deadwood, Weeds, and Rome are good but I haven’t seen any.

    And yeah, by the end of the second season of True Blood I was totally all for Eric. I’m currently reading the first book (Dead Until Dark) and they’re pretty good if you find you need your True Blood fix. 🙂

    I remember that you like food porn, so I don’t know if you’ve found these ones yet but: The Steamy Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Luxirare (who does food and cuisine), Sugarcrafter, She’s Becoming Doughmesstic, Tartlette (really delicious looking), Confessions of a Tart, Recipe Girl, Vanilla Sugar, Our Best Bites, White on Rice Couple (these are what I have bookmarked). 🙂

    1. Tudors I watched the first season of and couldn’t get into the second. Rome I loved and wished they would make more. Dexter is not bad, but now in Season 4 his wife is just annoying the crap out of me. I’m hoping he kills her at some stage. House I can’t get into because Hugh Laurie with an American accent just sends chills up my spine. I also can’t stop seeing him as his his numerous characters in Blackadder. Desperate Housewives I started watching and then the whole voice-over thing just made me feel like I was watching a bad copy of Sex and the City so I couldn’t get into it. The Japanese of the guy in Heroes annoys me because it’s just a little bit off and I’ve watched a few episodes of Six Feet Under because the Dexter guy was in it and I used to find him hot, but I didn’t get into it either.

      I’m wondering if I’ve missed something by never watching Entourage and Nip and Tuck, but I’ve got this thing about having to watching things from episode one and if I miss it, I generally never get to watch the series.

      Food porn…yes…I’m a big fan. I have most of those you suggested and to add to your list, I also bring you some of my bookmarks:
      Not Quite Nigella, La Fuji Mama, The Food Pornographer, Bake or Break, Bakerella , Chocolate and Zucchini, David Lebovitz, Just Bento , Dessert First, My Baking Addiction, Lemonpi, Smitten Kitchen …and that’s just the first page of my food porn bookmarks…I have 6 more pages…

      Thanks for all the suggestions though! It’s great to have some options to explore 🙂

      1. Like I said, I haven’t seen The Tudors, or Rome, but heard they were good! 🙂 Season four, just hang in there for Dexter if you can. The serial killer more than makes up for the antagonist last season. Just… try to finish the season, the finale is amazing (and you’ll do exactly what I did and during the whole finale be like “wtf is so amazing” and then it’ll happen and you will understand). I hear ya on the Six Feet Under thing though. I watched Dexter before I saw Six Feet Under (I only got into it because my boyfriend and I ran out of shows to watch and his dad’s girfriend had the box set). It’s definitely weird to make the transition from Dexter to Six Feet Under and then back, hah. The first few episodes of Six Feet Under ARE weird (especially those little commercials they do) but after the first season, it’s pretty good.

        I agree that it’s really strange to see Hugh Laurie with an American accent. I remember when I was a kid he was in a live action film of 101 Dalmatians as the bad guy lol.

        I can understand how Mary Alice’s voice threw you off. I feel shaky about the show currently because the second season was not very good, nor was the fifth, but it’s into the sixth now and next season is it’s last season so I figured I can stick around. Some of the characters I love enough to just keep coming back for. My boyfriend said the same thing about Hiro in Heroes, so it’s strange. If you ever do find yourself watching it, the first three seasons are kind of repetitive but the fourth is really different.

        I don’t know if you’ve seen LOST, but that’s something else that’s pretty good. Just try to watch all the seasons though because my boyfriend originally watched it before me before getting angry at the third season and stopped watching, but watching it all the way through (it’s going onto it’s sixth season this spring) makes the show make a lot more sense… I’ll warn ya though, most people I know hate Jack, Kate, and Locke by the end of the fifth season…

        Some stuff that’s nice to watch just for mindless fun is That 70’s Show (first season so far is the best), Friends, and Seinfeld.

        I actually have most of those bookmarks as well! Funny how that works out. http://parispastry.blogspot.com/ I enjoy her stuff, as well as Ai Bento, Vegan Lunch Box, Lunch in a Box (all bento stuff). Hot off the Garlic Press is good too.

        I don’t know if you’ve considered it, but I bought The Steamy Kitchen cookbook, as well as The Pioneer Woman Cooks and I have to say, all the pictures are pretty droolworthy. They’re all high res pictures, and in The Pioneer Woman Cooks, she even includes her step-by-step tutorial on how to make something.

  4. I love Desperate Housewives and it’s back on soon. YAYYYY

    Love Nip/Tuck as well.

    Have you ever seen Diary of a Call Girl? Fantastic!

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