And my answers…

1. Your role? Slave – although by a lot of people’s definitions I’m probably just a whiney bitch who likes rough sex.

2. Current relationship? Owned by my current Master for 3 1/2 years. I had another owner prior to Master who I was with for a year.

3. Your favourite type of play? Bondage that I can’t get out of.

4. Your most hated type of play? Licking at any time and beating when I’m not in the mood.

5. The most annoying habit of your owner/slave/whatever you call your SO? God…can I pick only one?? I’d have to say being noisy. I’m uberly sensitive to sound and he always has to have the tv turned up to OMFGLOUD and I’m generally woken up by him stirring his coffee with his spoon – really, really, loudly.

6. Your deepest fear? Being old and alone.

7. Your most memorable public experience (or what you would like to do in public)? The first time I was paraded naked through a house full of clothed, chatting people. Now it really wouldn’t phase me one bit, but at the time I was mortified with a capital “M”.

8. What gets you in the mood? Porn.

9. Favourite method of masturbation? Hitachi & boobie bondage.

10. Scariest thing you’ve seen or heard of in BDSM land? It’s a bit of a toss-up between kaya’s tit-nailing and chakrapony’s being hung from the ceiling with hooks through her knees. I’m also a bit disturbed by the chick who was cattle-prodded into unconsciousness.

11. Number of hours you spend on iFet when you should be doing other things? I pop by once every couple of days and just glance at my friend’s activity page. I can’t be bothered to get into discussions with people who are never going to agree on anything.

12.Thing that was hotter in fantasy than it was in reality? Umm…just about everything. I can’t say that I’ve ‘enjoyed’ anything I’ve experienced. I’ve certainly gotten a sense of achievement or pleasure from enduring, but not gotten hot from the actual thing. I think my cunt piercings were the biggest disappointment and especially my clit hood piercing that does absolutely *nothing* but sits there and gets in the way.

13. Most longed-for experience? Sub-space…if it exists.

14. Ouchiest toy? It would be a toss-up between a strap made with one half-inch diameter strand of rubber and a rubber flogger made with the thinnest strands of rubber. I think rubber hurts more than leather any day.

15.Book or movie that every newbie has to read/see? Hmmm…The Story of O is kind of a classic, I’d just preface it by saying that it’s not a BDSM primer, but a fantasy through and through.

16. Thing you’d like to change about yourself? I’d like to be more sexual and have an orgasm like everyone else.

17.Thing you’re most proud of? Still having my cunt rings in after 3 1/2 years.

18.Funniest dom name you’ve ever heard? URGOD

19. Do your family and friends know? Some of them – my mum, my sister, my best friend. I have a feeling my grandmother wouldn’t care if I told her. She’d probably just make me a cup of tea and say, “Whatever makes you happy dear.”

20. Is twenty questions too many? I could of added ten more, but thought doing a Part II post would give me an emergency topic for later on 🙂


19 thoughts on “And my answers…

Add yours

  1. 7. ZOMG I would be mortified! and more than likely turned on by the humiliation lol. I’m not comfortable in my own skin though I do prefer to be naked around Master….He makes me comfortable.

    13. The trick is to lose yourself in the pain. To let go of every bit of pain, don’t focus on every single lash/etc….just absorb it. That’s about as good an explanation as I can give lol Its literally like floating and every ounce of pain just gets you higher…in every sense 😉

    20. Devious woman! *prepares for more bait*

    1. 7. I think until you get past that whole self-pride thing, everything in public is just a nightmare.

      13. I’ve tried the losing myself in the pain thing and trying to make myself enjoy it, but seriously I’m usually concentrating so damn hard on taking the strokes that I can’t relax.

      20. Be prepared…be very prepared!

    1. Oh fork girl…how could I forget thee???

      But in all the back and forth stuff on iFet to the fork girl and her man, didn’t he say that she did it herself because they only cammed? Then there was the talk that perhaps the tines weren’t as long as normal ones…

      1. Fork foot said that all but one tine had been removed and it was sharpened to a point. But there’s not just one fork foot woman, there is a gang of them. Called the foot soldiers or something along those lines. More fork feet than you can poke an erm fork at I guess. LOL

  2. I believe that your Master is not doing his job right. You should get to sub-space and you should have orgasms. And He is the one to get you there. Poor poor subtle… wrong Master.

  3. 7. The correct spelling is “faze”, not phase. Unless it pushes you partway out of existence or synchronizes you with waveforms, in which case “phase” is appropriate as a verb here. But since I’ve virtually never seen any anyone who isn’t a professional writer or editor get that right (and I’ve seen a few cases where either or both slipped up), it’s probably time to change the dictionary.

    Also, nudity (whether myself or others) has never bothered me; what bothers me is people wearing clothing all the time when they don’t need to.

    8. Porn’s boring.

    18. I know that UR is supposed to be “you are”, but I tend to read that as the prefix ur-, which means something like first, original, or prototypical, often with the connotation of being ancient. So that would be like “I’m the the (or one of the) original god(s), from which all others are descended from (or based upon).” That’s kind of amusing because it’s pompous to the point of being ridiculous.

    1. 7. Sorry…obviously I need an editing minion with a degree in linguistics and a major in semantics. And for the record, usually I’m pretty good with the English language, but I do have my off-days.

      8. Porn is my thing and as long as you look at it as porn and not reality, then I think it’s fine.

      18. Well, I think it was actually UR as in ‘your’ otherwise it would need to be U_RGOD. I was over on fetlife this morning and thinking that perhaps DasUberDom might be a runner-up for the funniest name.

      1. 8. Duh, of course porn isn’t reality! If it was, then it wouldn’t be boring! 😉

        I think I mentioned awhile back that to really do it for me, sex has to be between well-established characters. Unfortunately, porn barely bothers to establish the characters (if at all), and serious movies rarely show any actual sex, just the before and after (partly to avoid being labeled porn and partly because it’s “common wisdom” among Hollywood directors that turning on the audience too much disrupts the narrative).

        So… there’s books. But typical romance novels tend to be not really my cup of tea either for other reasons, and often do the “before and after” as well (I even read one which was completely platonic, bleah). So far it seems that the only thing which is likely to contain non-boring sex scenes for me is Lesbian Science Fiction (and apparently there’s enough of it to be a minor genre in itself).

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