My boss and I were having a conversation on Friday about how 'dangerous' Australia is. Not in regards to how it has more than its fair share of deadliest creatures on the planet including spiders, snakes and sharks, but how life is so quiet and uneventful that you're in constant danger of being lulled into... Continue Reading →

Feeling the need to be bitchy

As I get older I'm noticing a phenomenon where my tongue is getting looser. I like to call it 'fogey disease' - the affliction where you have a very strong opinion about absolutely everything, you won't budge an itch from what you believe and you like to broadcast your thoughts very loudly to all and... Continue Reading →

Pleasing the pleaser

My horoscope the other day said that new travel plans were in the works. I didn't think much about it at the time, knee-deep in hotel options, shinkansen timetables and Tokyo restaurant reviews that I was, but then today I got *the* phone call from the travel agent that everyone who booked flights ten months... Continue Reading →

All your hole are belong to me

I lose sight of one of the most fundamental things in my life on a regular basis: Ultimately, I'm a slave by Master's definition and if that means that I'm a 'crap slave' or not even in the slave category according to my and/or other people's definitions, so be it. That's what I've been pondering... Continue Reading →

I pwned myself

Remember how I announced to the world that I was becoming a new and improved slave (now with 45% more fibre!)? How I wrote up a big passionate thing about how I was going to change my ways and consciously choose to submit instead of simply surrendering? Well, I'd just like to report back that... Continue Reading →

The 1200

I've been a very bad kitten for several weeks now and it's time to get my arse into gear. Thanks to a succession of binging episodes over xmas, new year and my birthday, I've re-gained 4 kilograms. Yay for me.... In the old days, 4kg was nothing and I could happily be ±10 kilos without me or anyone else noticing much... Continue Reading →

Who died and made you my master?

You know how some people can get under your skin and gnaw at you? Just an annoying little inconvenience, but still enough to piss you off? Well, I haz me one of those. This particular person has said a few things to me that, although reasonably innocent individually, when taken as a group have seriously... Continue Reading →

I’m now a four-ring girl

Following the migration of my first barbell out of my cunt lip and into no-man's land several months ago,  I finally removed the one remaining barbell on the other-side. So now I'm down to only four rings in my outer labia and a clithood piercing which makes me extremely sad considering I started out with... Continue Reading →

My face smells like a baby’s butt

I made myself an appointment at the optometrist the other day because it's that time of the year when I need to order more contact lenses. I usually get my prescription checked and then buy a year's worth of lenses hoping that I won't suddenly become more blind over the next twelve months (considering my... Continue Reading →

That thing around my neck

Way back in the mists of time, I had a 'thing' about collars. The mere thought of having something around my neck symbolizing that I was 'owned' was positively intoxicating to me and I whiled away many hours dreaming of the smell of leather and the jangle of a leash. I can remember once trying on... Continue Reading →

Cirque de kitten

Master has this thing about making me perform at the most inopportune times. Take last night for example. After a few drinks at a pub with a couple of friends, we came back here for fruit and coffee and ended up in a friendly discussion/argument about collaring ceremonies. Part-way through the discussion, where I was... Continue Reading →

Scary age

In aught but a few short days, I'll be thirty-three. It'll be a day just like any other and the only thing I'd like present-wise is Kushiel's Avatar - not because I've loved the series so much I can't put it down, but because I'd like to finish the trilogy seeing that I'm slightly OCD... Continue Reading →

Kiddy stuff

Master and I aren't into age-play. While he may call me 'girlie' (among other things...:) ) on occasion, I'm not his baby girl and he's certainly not my daddy. And although technically with the 19 year age gap and all, he could be my father, we're just not interested in whiling away the afternoon with... Continue Reading →

Tuckus lingus and all things butt

Ever since I started my new slave-kick (like a health-kick but with less bran), the butt has been appearing on the menu more and more. I have a truly deep love/hate relationship with the butt and while 70% of my private porn collection is made-up of insanely limber chicks having their asses totally rammed, there... Continue Reading →

2010 – The Year of the Boot

Or so Master proclaimed it to be. To everyone else it's probably the Year of the Tiger, but because Master has said it's the Year of the Boot, in this house so it shall be. Master's favourite boot of 2009 - The Biker Bitch boots I would imagine that this means that many new pairs... Continue Reading →

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