2010 – The Year of the Boot

Or so Master proclaimed it to be. To everyone else it’s probably the Year of the Tiger, but because Master has said it’s the Year of the Boot, in this house so it shall be.

Master’s favourite boot of 2009 – The Biker Bitch boots

I would imagine that this means that many new pairs of boots need to be purchased and many hours spent parading them around.

Unfortunately, this year is also the year I turn 33 (in exactly two weeks, I might add). According to Japanese beliefs, this year is my Ooyakudoshi ๅคงๅŽ„ๅนด or the year in my life when some serious bad shit will happen. For women it’s the ages of 19, 33 and 37 that you have to be careful of with 33 being the worst. For men, it’s 25, 42, 61, with 42 being the worst. I’m not sure whether I believe in the teachings of some Chinese dude from the fifth century who designated the yakudoshi, but just for good measure, when I’m in Japan I’m going to get my negative energies removed at a temple that deals in this kind of stuff….just to cover all bases. I mean if this year is supposed to be worse than last year, god help me…

We didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve – no parties, no beatings, no nothing. I did spend about 3hrs in my cage and was summarily mind-fucked when he suddenly turned the lights off and went into his bedroom like he was going to sleep and intending to leave me there all night, but he came back and undid the cage door with a sly smile.

I think I was watching Sex and the City on my ipod in bed when the year changed. Our neighbours were having another one of their thumping-loud parties and I had retreated to my bedroom with earphones in to try and drown out the noise. I’d dozed in and out of sleep for the three hours I was in my cage, so I wasn’t really tired, and somewhere between Carrie confessing that she’d slept with her married ex boyfriend and Charlotte marrying a man with erectile dysfunction, it chimed midnight and a new year began.

Being that it’s a new year and all, like the rest of population I’m jumping back on the diet wagon from today. I’m back to my 1200cal a day and I’m sure I’ll be battling sugar withdrawals for the next week or so. Yay!

Oh carbohydrates, how I love thee!

I’d been in a bit of a down-ward spiral binge-wise since losing the poodle pup and knew that when the new year started, I’d have to do something serious about it before things got totally out of hand. I’m realising that I’m probably always going to have binge cycles and that the most important thing is to reign myself in before my weight gets totally out of hand. Self-mastery and all that stuff, you know.

In preparation for going back on the wagon, I spent the last couple of days like a man on death row eating his last meals. I keep trying to remind myself that I can still eat things even while on a diet, but a part of my brain screams at me to ‘Stock up baby, because you’re never going to be tasting this stuff again!’ It’s quite funny in a unhealthy-relationship-with-food way.

I’ve also started day one of the New Slave project. I’m trying to be more attentive and more obedient and I think Master is having a bit of fun with it. He called me in to him last night to lick his chin where he had dribbled some food down it. Normally I would of told him to fuck off wipe it himself, but I was a good slave and did what I was told.

“See, how much nicer it is when you’re obedient?” he asked.

I had a few choice replies to his question, but being the new improved with 40% more fibre! slave that I am, I held my tongue.

Me thinks it’s going to be an interesting year.


13 thoughts on “2010 – The Year of the Boot

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  1. Happy New Slave Year!

    It sounds like a v interesting year ahead and here’s hoping that 33 is going to be a great time. Yay for more boots! (and maybe more chin licking).

    t. x

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure about the chin-licking, but I’m generally happy to add more pairs of boots to my collection ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ugh. I hear you about the binges. My last meal of 2009 was a Baconator meal from Wendy’s – two beef patties, two slices of cheese, six slices of bacon on a bun, plus fries and an iced tea. Sooooo tasty and if I’m lucky, I might have another one next 31 December.

    1. I’m loving the name, ‘The Baconator’…my binges consist of huge amounts of ice cream and packets of tim tams…and chips and cheese and pizza and the list goes on…lol.

          1. I have a hard time finding any flavour other than the regular chocolate ones over here in the Great Frozen Northland, but those are plenty nommy enough.

            Whenever I get sad about the difficulty in securing Black Forest Tim Tams or Tunnock’s Tea Cakes over here, I just remember that we have Whippets and no one else does. Mmmm, Whippets…

            1. We have Chocolate Royals:

              Arnotts Chocolate Royals - IMG_0012

              but not sure how they match up for taste ๐Ÿ™‚

              I didn’t mind the creme brulee tim tams or the caramel ones either, but sometimes plain is best (and you get more in the packet!!)

  3. New Year’s Eve is the only holiday I really celebrate anymore, which might be kind of ironic since for most of my life it’s the only one I never really celebrated. Well, that and Valentine’s day. Ever since I started celebrating it I’ve kind of gotten into a semi-unconscious of habit of trying to find something to do to top the previous year. This NYE I went to an S&M club for the first time. (Sign: “Beatings will continue until morale improves”. Apparent double joke!) Don’t know how I’m going to top that next year, and at some point I should stop trying.

    While I was there I saw a couple of things I’d never heard of. Spanking with ice-cold metal paddles. Sai play – similar to mild knife play, but with ninja weapons. And I learned something about myself. Sensation play with soft fur = ten-minute full-body orgasm without even any sex…!

    1. Aren’t sai the things Donatello of the ninja turtles had? They’re supposed to be sharp enough to stab someone so I’d imagine they make a nice mind-fuck.

      I’ve always found that sensation play makes me bored and annoyed, but I know some people love it (and it seems you’re a new convert ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      1. No, you’re thinking of Raphael. Donatello was the one with the bo staff. But yes, it was the pointy stabby things with long weapon-catching hooks on both sides.

        (Side note: While Leonardo’s swords are usually referred to as “katanas” they are actually a different weapon called “ninja-to”. Ninja-to are shorter, have a straighter edge, and are balanced for dual-wielding. Katanas were either used with a two-handed grip or paired with a wakizashi. And real ninjas almost never used katanas anyway. Apparently I know too much about japanese weaponry.)

        …and as for the fur sensation thing, I really have to do that again sometime! So yeah.

        1. Ahhh…Michelangelo=nanchaku, Raphael=sai, Dontatello=bou, and who was the other one?…*googles*ahh…Leonardo=katana. I suppose tou is another reading of the kanji for katana so it’s an easy mistake to made. And yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ninja with a sword so I guess it is strange.

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