I’m now a four-ring girl

Following the migration of my first barbell out of my cunt lip and into no-man’s land several months ago,  I finally removed the one remaining barbell on the other-side.

So now I’m down to only four rings in my outer labia and a clithood piercing which makes me extremely sad considering I started out with six, but you know what?


Because for the first time in three and a half years, I’m pain-free!!! Woohoo!!!!

And you know what I feel immensely satisfied about? After I took out the barbell and gave Master a torch so he could look at what was happening he actually said,

“Yeah, that looks nasty.”

I just about wanted to sacrifice a pig and dance naked around the fire, because I was so happy that he had finally acknowledged that perhaps there actually was a reason why I bitched about my cunt so much. God, it felt good! I really can’t describe how fabulous that acknowledgement was.

I’d always had the sense that he thought I was bitching for the sake of bitching or over-reacting or something. At a quick glance my piercing had looked a bit lumpy from scar tissue, but it didn’t look like a seething, infected mass that hurt when the wind changed. On the inside, it was totally red raw and stung and ached and was generally very uncomfortable to live with from the moment it was done.

Three days later, the hole has totally closed up and it almost looks like nothing was ever there. Obviously my body could not wait to get the damn thing out.

As I said, I am a bit sad that I’ve got two less rings than I started out with, because four rings just doesn’t look as impressive as six. I’ve always secretly enjoyed the eye-bulging looks on people’s faces when they heard or saw how much metal was down there. I know there are people with twelve or even twenty rings down there, but six, for me, was something to be proud of.

Granted, now with four, I’ve got some symmetry back, but it doesn’t look as cool. But I guess, I’ve sacrificed coolness for comfort and at the end of the day, I think that is more important.

In case anyone is wondering what Master said was nasty, I’ve posted a couple of pics here. Just be warned, they are kind of grosse with lots of unruly sascrotch (I thought I’d post them elsewhere to save the people who don’t want to look at close-ups of my hairy snatch the unfortunate task of having to look at them here.)


4 thoughts on “I’m now a four-ring girl

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  1. I am saddened that you Master would take you seriously when speaking about your pain… down there…. he is a Master? right?

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