The 1200

I’ve been a very bad kitten for several weeks now and it’s time to get my arse into gear. Thanks to a succession of binging episodes over xmas, new year and my birthday, I’ve re-gained 4 kilograms. Yay for me….

In the old days, 4kg was nothing and I could happily be ±10 kilos without me or anyone else noticing much of a differnce, but with four extra kilos now, I can really *feel* the difference. I feel chunky and unattractive and just generally…wrong.

So, with a little over eight weeks until Master and I depart for our trip to Japan, I’m embarking (again) on my 1200 calorie/day eating plan. Last week I also started walking again and I’m planning on doing something exercise-wise every day, whether it be exercise bike, walking or maybe an aerobics class or two. I’m hoping on losing 5 kilos in the next 8 weeks so that I can eat some uberly yummy food in Japan without worrying about whether I’m going to fit into my clothes on my return. Motivation? I haz it.

I’ve been feeling somewhat stressed for a few weeks now and that has lead me down the binge path. I’m not exactly sure why I’m stressed or what I can do to change the way I feel, but I do know I need to stop stuffing my face in an effort to feel better.

Food and I have an interesting relationship. I find eating – and specifically the sensation of food in my mouth to be really comforting and familiar. When I’m stressed, I immediately turn to food because it’s the one constant in my life and provides me with instant gratification. In effect, it’s the perfect band aid to put on my festering wounds.

I think the Japan trip itself is actually making me uberly stressed. There are just too many variables and choices and when I ask Master the 101 questions I need to make some sort of a decision, his response is,

“I don’t care, I just want a bed and some good seafood.”

Which, for some people, might be the most stress-free response they can get, but for me, it just sends me into a worry spiral as it’s like I’m suddenly being thrust into the driver’s seat with a slightly vocal passenger in the back.

I think if I was your average tourist with a guide-book in hand, things would be easier as I would have limited choices, but since I have infinite resources in two languages at my disposal as well as minions in Japan to do my bidding, it’s all too much.

Someone just hand me a packet of tim tams and a tub of English Toffee icecream, please?


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  1. I hope I’m not overstepping by giving some weight loss advice 🙂

    When I started trying to lose weight, I started with small replacements – “lite” things for regular. For example, the fake “light” butter instead of real. Sugar free juices, sugar free Jell-O, etc. From there, I worked on my portion sizes, and from there I worked on eating when I was actually hungry instead of bored or craving. When I thought I was hungry, I would make myself wait 20 minutes, then after that 20 minutes, drink a large glass of water and THEN and only then start preparing food. It helped me to realize the difference between being hungry and being bored.

    If you like popcorn, buy yourself an air popper and nibble on that. It’s fairly devoid of calories and really makes you feel full. It doesn’t taste too bad when it’s plain, but if you need a little something on it, try sprinkling dry herbs or using spray light butter.

    1. My problem is not actually the little tricks of the trade like brushing your teeth after eating, drinking a glass of water or eating slowly, my problem is my all-out binge-fests that occur when I’m stressed.

      I can be as good as gold as far as sticking to my calories and exercising is concerned generally, but then I’ll just have a day (or several!!!)where I just eat and eat and eat until my stomach is physically sore from being stretched so much. It’s emotional eating and I know exactly what I’m doing, but I just want to do it because it does make me feel better emotionally at the time. Of course I then drag myself through the coals later on for eating so much and end up feeling worse…

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