Pleasing the pleaser

My horoscope the other day said that new travel plans were in the works. I didn’t think much about it at the time, knee-deep in hotel options, shinkansen timetables and Tokyo restaurant reviews that I was, but then today I got *the* phone call from the travel agent that everyone who booked flights ten months ago and has spent the last six months planning a trip hopes they never receive:

“Malaysian Airlines has cancelled your flight from Perth. They’re doing work on the runway,  so all flights are cancelled.”

Seriously, when I heard that I nearly shat myself and if I hadn’t been on a bus surrounded by people at the time, there would have been no “nearly” in the equation. Everything I’d already booked and planned ran through my head and I had a ‘shit mother-fucker shit shit’ situation on my hands.

But every shit storm has a silver lining and so the travel agent told me the good news:

“To make up for your flight being cancelled the airline will put you on the same flight a day earlier and pay for transfers and a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and then you can catch your original connecting flight the next day.”

Which actually means that we get another night added to our holiday and a mini tour of Kuala Lumper to go with it! It’s actually going to work out better as we’ll be able to have some sleep instead of flying all night and arriving bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in Tokyo at 7am having not slept a wink.

Master has been having a good laugh at the anal-ness of my trip-planning. I’ve spent days and days pouring over hotel choices – angsting about location, bed size, room size, adjacent buildings, connecting train/subway lines etc. I’ve been reading reviews, looking at google earth satellite pics and I’ve even been hanging out on youtube where I found videos that people had taken of the hotels I’d been contemplating making a booking at. Does that all seem a bit anal to you?

The reason my blog posts have been so few and far between recently is precisely because I’ve been coming home every day and planning. After spending several hours at work pouring over the net (have I mentioned I have fuck-all to do in my job??), I then spend several more hours pouring over the net at home. I’ve printed out a virtual ream of maps, info and other assorted stuff off the net and several guide books with more info and more choices arrived by airmail from a friend yesterday.

I’m in info overload and for me, who finds it really, really hard to make a decision at the best of times with limited info and choices, it’s pure torture. The whole thing has been keeping me up at night, I’ve broken out into a stress rash in various places and I have a tic in my eye that I only get when I’m uberly stressed.

The really curious thing about it all is that I’m not so much worried about my experiences on the trip, it’s Master I’m worried about. I want him to have the absolute perfect experience and that’s why I’m going to the lengths I am. I want him to have the comfiest bed, the most convenient hotel, the yummiest food. In short, I want the unattainable for him because I’m a pleaser in my heart-of-hearts.

However, I’ve often described Master as a pleaser too. He will always ask me what I want to do, where I want to go, what I want to eat. I pretty much decide what we do as a couple and his answer to every question I ask him about something is,

“If that’s what you want to do.”

(If he had a shiny thing around his neck I’d swear he was a slave – except for that uncanny habit he has of caning me.)

So he’s pleasing me, I’m pleasing him and it’s just a pleasurable time for all, right?


Saturday morning comes and we do our weekly ‘What will we do today?’ ritual:

He asks me what I want to do and I immediately starting thinking about what I think he wants to do. While I’m weighing up the pro and cons of possible things we could do with respect to what I think he wants to do, I say “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” He says, ‘Nothing’ and asks me again if there’s anything I want to do and by that time I’ve vetoed all the ideas I had for various reasons – it’s too hot, it’s too boring for him, it’s too far away etc. and so I reply, ‘No.’ He will only get motivated about doing something if I want to do it, so after seeing my supposed lack of enthusiasm about doing something he decides not to do anything and we spend yet another Saturday at home watching tv and playing wow.

By trying to please each other we end up pleasing no-one. Lol.

So by planning the ‘perfect’ trip I’m hoping to at least please one of us this time and if I’m really lucky, the pleased one will be Master. (If he can get over the ‘asia-ness’ of Kuala Lumpur that is. He has always had a ‘thing’ about Asia i.e. no interest in going to scary places where they eat funky stuff so I’m just hoping that he doesn’t realise between now and our departure date that Japan actually is in Asia. Shhhhh…keep it quiet everyone.)


19 thoughts on “Pleasing the pleaser

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  1. And don’t forget the all important western toilet. Which brings me to my first question of the evening.

    What are the Japanese toilets like? Both at home and out and about.

    1. A picture says a thousand words so here you go:

      You squat over it facing the hood and try not to pee on your shoes. Western toilets are pretty much everywhere these days though. The only time you don’t have a choice is in some older railway stations and old-style inns.

      1. What’s the little corner table for? I could see that getting pretty messy. What if you have explosive diarrhea? So many questions

        1. Lol…you crack me up.

          It’s a girlie’s toilet so the table is to put your bag on.

          Here’s one without the table:

          1. Oh of course, how silly of me. A table for my purse. PMSL

            I’m still puzzled what made them originally go for the squatting toilet over a sitting toilet.

            1. In a lot of cultures, toilets where you don’t actually come into contact with a toilet seat are considered cleaner. Squatting also helps ward off incontinence and hemorrhoids.

              The design probably goes back to when royalty used to do their thing into an oblong box with a drawer in it so their ‘business’ could be inspected to check for health problems.

              1. You know an awful lot about toilets kitten. LOL
                However I’m glad you do as you’ve enlightened me.

                I’m so glad I never lived back in the day of bowel movement inspections. *vomits*

                1. There is a toilet museum in Japan run by TOTO – the company that makes those fabulous high-tech toilets. You can get all the information you’ll ever need and much more there 🙂

  2. I like to make the A plan and the B plan when doing an itinerary, so I’m not left swingin’ in the breeze if things change (including my mind.) The fallback plan – kind of like carrying an umbrella so it won’t rain…

    1. Making multiple plans sounds like a good idea, but I’m having enough problems making one let alone an A and a B! I never in a million years imagined that my flight would be cancelled – that makes me sound like a travel virgin, doesn’t it? 😉

  3. A toilet museum, that be worth the air fare over just to visit that! Hang on, they don’t have any displays of petrified turds? Because I’d be vomiting again. 😦

    1. there is a video out, i saw it not long ago, its about an Aussie guy who goes on Japans toilet tour Kenny Smyth is his name, it was rather informative and had me watching lol.

      1. Did you see his weekly show? I remember where he went to India and visited the public toilets which are frequently used since most poorer people don’t have a toilet in their house. They were like a brick commode with a hole at the rear and there was a caste whose job it was to clean out the muck and transfer it to the open sewers and wash it away with some water.

        I find it ironic where we live in a country where you can’t make kids at school pick up wrappers in the playground without providing them with disposable gloves yet there are women who clean up the crap of their entire neighbourhood with nothing but a wooden bowl and a brush made of reeds.

  4. PMSL @ the 2nd last one. Looks like it’s part of the space shuttle. Others look like a vase. Hmmmm must have been the boys toilet I guess.

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