You know what the biggest killer of power-exchange relationships is? It's not lies, doms acting like a-holes or emotionally unstable subs. It's complacency. I had a moment this morning when I thought I'd well and truly crossed the never-to-be-crossed-again line that separates the comfortable from the complacent. Master was ravishing me and I let rip... Continue Reading →


Does blue become me?

And if that wasn't quirky enough, here's another installment in my quirky Japan series.

Quirks and fingers in my ass

I've stopped scratching long enough to take my finger out of my ass and do a quirky Japan post. You can find it under the tab at the top or here (the latest one is 34-36 in case you were wondering...) Now, if you'll excuse me, I have sleeping that needs to be done.


These last couple of days I've been feeling like I was hit with a tranquilizer dart. I just want to sleep and when I sleep, I just want to sleep more.  I've been sleeping on the bus all the way home, laying down and going to sleep as soon as I come home, then waking... Continue Reading →

Quirks & Dried Squid

Master said he was sorry. But I'm not sure whether he actually meant it or whether he just said it so I wouldn't kiss him with my squid breath. I had the munchies yesterday and after sucking the marrow out of several squid bodies I got all close and personal with Master. He had a... Continue Reading →

I’m on strike

What is it with owners and their ass-hole-ish ways??? Seriously I think that once they get the word (dom) after their name, their asshole level sky-rockets through the roof. I know I wear the shiny thing and I signed up for the slave stuff, but I don't remember agreeing to be owned by an asshole... Continue Reading →

Quirks and Fires

Well, I had a full, busy day. I set fire to the kitchen and watched the last episode of Dexter season 4. What did you do? I have to say that episode was a killer (pun intended) and I wasn't prepared for it at all. Damn...Even though I'm uberly glad that particular character has been... Continue Reading →

Wild kingdom in my bedroom

Sometimes I feel my bedroom should be featured on the discovery channel. Not only does it contain a plethora of habitats from mountainous piles of clothing to a jungle of shoes, but it also harbours a diverse selection of wildlife. I was laying in bed on Tuesday night tossing and turning as I tried in vain... Continue Reading →

The Mole

I'm congratulating myself on not having seen one iota of the olympics. I didn't watch the opening ceremony, have no idea what the medal count is, have no idea what day it is (Day 3, 4?) and I didn't even see the video of that poor guy that died. Just call me "The Mole". I've spent... Continue Reading →

The past returns

Today, I got an email out of the blue from my ex-husband. After not hearing from him for about eight months, I wasn't actually expecting to hear from him again, but today I did and it was the email to end all emails. We used to exchange emails every month or so and I'd call... Continue Reading →

Questions from the deep

Have you ever typed a question into google? I'm betting that if you're one of the 118,000,000 or so hits that google gets a day, you're probably asking it questions like I do. My favourite thing to do when I'm bored out of my brain is to start typing a question into google and see what questions... Continue Reading →


I wonder whether being 'anti-social' is part and parcel of being a slave?   I've noticed on a lot of other blogs that people class themselves as anti-social and I am one of the biggest confirmed recluses ever, so I've had a question in my mind for a while now: Does it go with the territory or is it... Continue Reading →

The Banal

So it was back to work with a bus full of kiddies for me today. I enjoyed my stress-free commute to work during the six weeks of the school holidays so much. It was great to have peace and quiet inside the bus and even better knowing that I would arrive in time to catch... Continue Reading →

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