The Banal

So it was back to work with a bus full of kiddies for me today. I enjoyed my stress-free commute to work during the six weeks of the school holidays so much. It was great to have peace and quiet inside the bus and even better knowing that I would arrive in time to catch my train. When my bus turns into a kiddie-filled bus it takes an extra twenty minutes to get to the station and I generally miss the train I need to catch to arrive at work comfortably on time. It must be the goodie-two-shoes in me or something, but when I know that I’m going to be late for work I panic. Even though my boss generally isn’t there when I arrive and no-one knows whether I actually get there on time or not and no-one would care anyway, I know and I care and I feel guilty being late.

I think that’s one of the reasons why Master calls me ‘anal’.

One of the good things about being in the southern hemisphere is that the school year actually finishes in the same year. Our schools start in February and end in December – usually the week before Christmas. When I went to school in Japan is was so strange to have the year finishing and for school not to be. I could never quite get my head around it and I really didn’t like having a short xmas vacation filled with homework and assignments. Then I went to university and the semester started in September and that messed up my mind even more.

I think that’s another one of the reasons why Master calls me ‘anal’.

And speaking of Master, he is abandoning me at 4:30am tomorrow to head off to Melbourne for a job interview. The lengthy flight is bad and then there’s the three hour time difference; added to that is he is flying Virgin which has crappy small planes that make you feel like you’re livestock being carted off to the salesyard. But it’s a free flight and he’ll get to see his mum and dad (which may be good or bad depending on how much yelling takes place in the house…)

This means that yours truly will be home alone for several days….which may be good or bad depending on how many releases I have to make the long, lonely nights bearable.

I think the last time I looked I had two releases on the fridge chart. One for ‘being fabulously obedient’ i.e. stripping off naked and kneeling on the seagrass mat and answering interrogation questions appropriately when asked in front of friends, and one for ‘being a bossy bitch at the movies’ i.e. for stomping up the back of the cinema in my biker boots when we went to see Sherlock Holmes and telling the kids to STFU.

Oh, did I mention we went to see Sherlock Holmes? I have to say I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t establish any sort of connection with the characters and it seemed to me that everyone talked too fast (maybe that’s just another sign that I’m becoming a fogey though). I don’t know what else I want to see but I can get $7.50 movie tickets through my club membership until March 24th so anyone got any suggestions?

Master being away until Sunday night also means we’ll miss the play party on Saturday night. I’m not overly concerned. Apparently I was to go as pony girl again with head harness and arm binder. Apparently the outfit I’d modelled for him with the mango was all well and good, but he had his heart set on pony girl. Apparently he was going to beat my ass or some such thing. Of course, all of that could just be him messing with my mind.

The real reason I’m not overly concerned about missing the party is that if the employment situation doesn’t start looking up, right about the time we come back from Japan we’ll run out of money to pay the mortgage, meaning the house will need to be sold and we’ll have nowhere to live and life will generally suck. I’ll all for missing a play party if it might mean a chance for employment and the resulting income.

In other news, the weather is starting to get cooler and unfortunately our air-con has chosen this particular time to go bung. When we turn it off, water keeps gushing from the unit on the roof down to ground and as my bedroom window is right where the water outlet is, turning it off is a no-go situation. As a result we’ve had to leave it on 24/7 while we wait for a repair guy to deign us with his presence. The air-con has been on continuously since Friday and it will be this Friday afternoon before the guy can come. I’m wondering if they will have to come and dig me out of the ice floes by then. Seriously, it’s freezing inside the house. I’ve put both of my winter doonas back on my bed and I feel sad and grumpy – because that’s what feeling cold does to me. Master is blaming me for the air-con situation because apparently I jinxed it or something by saying casually the other day that it was  great we’d had nil problems with it even though we use it heaps… and it was about that time it decided to go bung.

Do you think I have some weird funky jinx-like power? *makes mysterious hand gestures and ‘woooooo’ sounds*

So that’s about it for the banalities of my life. Stay tuned for the next episode in which I’m still cold and I’ve run out of releases.


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    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed.

      I have a feeling his idea though would be me standing on the corner *wearing* boots with a sign saying,

      “Will fuck”


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