Questions from the deep

Have you ever typed a question into google? I’m betting that if you’re one of the 118,000,000 or so hits that google gets a day, you’re probably asking it questions like I do. My favourite thing to do when I’m bored out of my brain is to start typing a question into google and see what questions it auto-fills for me. Just type “why…” and have a look at the fucked up questions people ask the great google god in the sky.

It’s also highly amusing (in a slightly politically incorrect way) to ask the question ‘why do…’ and then insert the names of various racial/social groups.

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do so now. You have my permission to not even finish reading this…just go and do it. Seriously, it will change your life.

Along with the flurry of amusing search terms I get from people ending up on my blog, I also get a lot of questions so I thought I’d try and answer a few of the questions people have asked over the past week:

1. different name you can call a potato?

Well,  if you are a bit high-brow you could always call it a po-tah-to and then we’d have to call the whole thing off. Then again, if someone puts one up your anal passage, you may also call it a ‘fucker’ as in, “Get that fucker out of my ass!”

2. difference between a cream and a slave?

Well, one is white and made from milk and the other one can be any colour and made from human. I wonder if they meant “a cream pie”? But then again, asking for the difference between a cream pie and a slave is just as fucked up.

3.  how to get off a masochist?

My gut answer to this is, “Just roll off them”, but I’m guessing they meant, ‘How to get a masochist off?’

If we’re talking masochist and masochist=likes pain, pain is a good start. Just bear in mind that’s it’s not always quite that easy and most people have preferences and different things that press their buttons, so I’d always advocate *talking* to them before you start using them as a pin cushion.

4. pronounce strine?

Just say it like it’s spelled and if you can say it through your nose to get the Australian twang, you get bonus points.

5. difference between sago and tapioca?

I think I covered that in my recipe for coconut tapioca but in case you can’t be bothered to do the clicky: sago comes from the pith of the sago palm and tapioca comes from the tuber called cassava. Yes, you should invite me to your next trivia night and yes, you should make sure I’m on your team.

So that’s about it for the Q & A portion of the programme. I’ll leave you with some of the more interesting non-question search terms for this week:

brain surgery for slavegirls

free hamster mature milking slavegirl

self bondage your car

literotica comming gallons of sperm


8 thoughts on “Questions from the deep

Add yours

  1. Presumably the asker of Q2 meant “salve”, not slave. I certainly hope so. >_>

    I had my monthly dose of tapioca with yesterday’s bubble tea. Oooh… I think I have leftover pho in the fridge.

  2. Why can’t I own a Canadian? The Captain beat me to it.

    I also adored “made from human”. That’s my quote of the day. Slaves are made from human.

    1. I actually went to a few of the pages for “why can’t i own a Canadian?” and had a look. I was soooo curious.

      Do you think we should get t-shirts printed?

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