Quirks and Fires

Well, I had a full, busy day. I set fire to the kitchen and watched the last episode of Dexter season 4. What did you do?

I have to say that episode was a killer (pun intended) and I wasn’t prepared for it at all. Damn…Even though I’m uberly glad that particular character has been disposed of, it was still a shock. Now I have to wait for a year (???) before the next season makes its way down under. That’s reason #352 that I’m not enamoured with Australia – shit takes forever to get here.

Oh and the setting fire to the kitchen bit. Yeah, well, the jury is still out as to whether the cause was actually me or not, but all I can say is that it was disturbing to see flames licking around my spice rack. Just for future reference, don’t keep your roll of kitchen paper over your gas open-flame stove. Not a good idea – ever.

Fortunately Master was here to douse the flames and everything was good. We now need to repurchase our entire spice collection though and that will be a slightly costly exercise. So maybe keeping your spices over your gas open-flame stove is also not a good idea.



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  1. Harrison and I have been having major Dexter discussions since that last episode. I got him addicted to the show this year. He previously made fun of me for watching… Then this year, I noticed he started loitering in the living room when I’d watch the episodes. 9I work Sunday nights when it airs, so I DVR it and watch it Monday morning when I get home.) Then he gave up loitering and started watching with me. They day I knew he was hooked was the Monday morning I went to find him and said, “Hey, I’m about to watch the new Dexter. You want to watch?” and he looked at me sheepishly and admitted he hadn’t been able to wait for me to get home, and had watched it when it aired.

    He then torrented the previous three seasons and watched ’em all.

    Good brother, he is. šŸ™‚

    Michael C Hall rocks my world. John Lithgow was amazing this season, too. I managed to totally forget he was a dorky alien in 3rd Rock and a shill for campbells’s soup… Tough to do, he was memorably sucky in those roles!

    Season 5 will be starting here in the U.S. in September of this year. If I could figure a way to get it to you then, I so would. I have a heart on for Dexter and a heart on for anyone who likes the show even half as much as I do.


    1. I have moments with Dexter – times when I really enjoy it and times when I get bored and wander off half-way through the episode. Most of season four has kept me thoroughly entertained though. I think it might have been the best season so far.

      Fortunately I never saw Michael in anything else so his image for me was totally taint-free and I like it that way. I kept thinking of John in other things, but he was sufficiently evil enough that I enjoyed his character.

      I heart people who love Dexter…and True Blood šŸ™‚

  2. Oooh, I’ve been a Sookie fan since the first book came out. (Having been an Lily Bard fan before that…) Love the books, love the series!

    Glad you’re still going on the quirky Japan stuff. Love that, too!

    1. I really can’t help myself with the quirky Japan stuff. One of these days I’ll stop being obsessed by Japan, but until then I’ve got to get it out šŸ™‚

      I’ve been thinking about reading the books but I’ve heard they are very different to the series.

      1. They are but they’re also very good.
        Not as dark and the sex is implied rather than amplified on the show.
        But still, well written. Just lighter.

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