Quirks & Dried Squid

Master said he was sorry. But I’m not sure whether he actually meant it or whether he just said it so I wouldn’t kiss him with my squid breath. I had the munchies yesterday and after sucking the marrow out of several squid bodies I got all close and personal with Master. He had a wild look in his eyes as I approached and the apology was quick and uttered like a man with a gun to his head,

‘Sorry, sorry, SORRY!!!’

Normally I’m not allowed at the same end of the house as Master when I’m eating it as the smell is quite vomit-inducing pungent, but when you want some tv with your squid, and the Master is where the tv is, what’s a girl to do?

So ladies, if you ever need to get a man to do something, just nibble on some dried squid. Guaranteed, every time, you’ll get what you want in 0.42 seconds.

We’re having a waxing and finger food party at our house today. I’m still confused as to how it turned into a group pussy waxing session on our dining table with crustless sandwiches, but hey, shit happens. As a result of the impending party, I’ve been doing my usual clean up job which basically involves collecting all the crap, dumping it into my bedroom and closing the door. Martha Stewart, I ain’t.

Apparently all the boys are interested in seeing girlies get brazillian waxes. I’m thinking that perhaps they are imaging it as something much more exciting than it actually is. I haven’t had a brazillian wax since the last unfortunate one I had where the wax got stuck on one of my rings and the chick nearly ripped it out. Suffice to say, I wasn’t a happy camper after that experience and took matters into my own hands using depilatory cream from then on. I also found it really hard to find a decent waxer who could deal with my rings and who was good. Normally I’d end up getting regrowth 3-4 days after being waxed (which means the hairs were being broken off instead of pulled out) and since it was costing me $50 every time, I just didn’t see the point.

What I’m interesting in is seeing one of the guys get waxed. I’m as much a fan of the smooth boy genitalia look as boys are of the smooth girl pussy look. It’s so much nicer doing a job in that area when you can see what you are doing and although I kind of appreciate the opportunity to floss my teeth while down there, hairlessness is much more pleasant. I find it amusing that you’re a mutant these days if you’re a girl with a bush, but guys just won’t reciprocate even though the ratio of pussy munching to cock sucking is probably somewhere around the 1:100 mark.

I’ve heard that video and photos will be taken of the event so perhaps the wax fetishists will be in for a treat.

In the meantime, I’ve done another quirky Japan post here.


3 thoughts on “Quirks & Dried Squid

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  1. the guys are wusses and no i wont be chewing on any rank squid to get what i want. remembers to bring video camera with me today..see you soonish.

  2. I think that’s amazing. I think I would faint if Master ever said “Sorry” unless it was “You are a very sorry sight sitting there trussed up like that.” I didn’t even know they were allowed to say Sorry. I thought there was some oath they took when they passed the exam. ” Never explain, always complain and above all… Never Apologise.” You must be a very sly slave to get you Master to do this.

  3. my Sir also had an asshole-ish moment last week. I was pretty shocked when after explaining why i was upset (and not speaking to him for 3-4 hours) he said ” i’m sorry. i just did the same thing to you that i’m always bitching about” . I almost dropped over in shock. Sometimes they need to realize that while no one is perfect, the act of just recognizing that they are being unfair can really feel validating. At least in my case.

    btw squid? does it taste like chicken? i’m scared to try that… lol

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