I’m leaving…

...on a jet-plane.... ...don't know when I'll be back again... (Well, actually I do, but let's not spoil this musical moment.) Master and I are off to the land of quirkiness in approximately 45 minutes so posts will be a bit few and far between for the next couple of weeks. If we get a... Continue Reading →


Have you cleaned your gonzo lately?

I'd like to say that I had to clean my gonzo because it was just so cum-soaked and messy after a flood of orgasms courtesy of my hitachi that I had no other choice but to clean it, but alas, I can't. Instead, I'll let you know that I cleaned my gonzo because I finally... Continue Reading →

Preparations Part Deux

After angsting over night about my recently purchased sparkly jeans, I decided to take one pair back and get a pair of plain black ones instead. But my shopping didn't end there. I also purchased a red trench coat that I've been lusting after for two years, a pair of ballet flats that I've been... Continue Reading →

The domestic goddess bitch returns

It was Master's birthday on Wednesday and being the bad slave I am, I didn't do anything to celebrate it other than surprise him early in the morning with a quick nakedness and boots session in his bed before I left for work. I always have such an agonising time when it comes to presents... Continue Reading →


I got a call from Master today on his spiffy new mobile phone from his spiffy new office (I don't actually know whether his office is spiffy or not, but I always like to imagine him working in a spiffy office with a secretary in a white cardigan and pearls...) He sounded chirpy and filled... Continue Reading →

Nose ring

I have to say that getting an email titled, "Nose ring" from Master has been one of my most heart-stopping moments to date. I received it at 9:30am to my work email address and before I even opened it, I had that gut-churning-omg feeling that only comes with announcements spelling out impending doom. Yeah, unfortunately... Continue Reading →

A slave’s victory

There are moments when I feel so powerful and so in control that I almost get giddy with the joy it gives me. But hang on, I'm a slave and I'm not supposed to be the one 'in control' or the one with 'the power'. Aren't I supposed to be the oppressed, the subjugated, the... Continue Reading →

Oh, you want to suck my cock…

It was hot and thanks to the sweat pooling in my boots, my feet had slipped forward, squishing my toes making walking a very uncomfortable experience. I'd been in the boots since 7:30 that morning when I made an appearance in his bedroom for a pre-work ravish and after walking around the shops after work... Continue Reading →

Let me ask you a question or two…

March seems to be the month when people around the blogosphere invite people to ask them questions. Being the quirky, non-conformist, oh-so-cool type that I am, I thought I might ask questions instead of answering them (because seriously, there is nothing in my life that I haven't already blogged about fifty millions times...) So here are the questions... Continue Reading →

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