New quirk

I ain’t got any blog material so instead I bring you a special festive one-off Japan quirk.

4 thoughts on “New quirk

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  1. I had the craziest dream with you in it.

    I was at a club regular’s party when you showed up. You were being chased by the police (for what I can’t remember) and you wanted me to hide you. So I hide you in the tall grass of this huge field. your Master was there, picking things, grumbling that his slave fucked up and now he didn’t have anyone to do shit for him until you either got caught, or got away. I kept moving you around. Then I had to put fish in the club regular’s pool, which you helped me with. then I hid you in a fridge. THe police eventually gave up. I should not eat before bed.

    1. Can I just say that is really messed up?? Lol…I like the hiding me in the fridge thing. Not only is it a great spot, but in the case of a nuclear attack, I’d be safer 🙂

      I’m totally flattered I featured in one of your dreams though 🙂

      1. If it helps, the fridge I hid you in wasn’t running? Like it was unplugged and not cold.
        And yeah, it was kinda fucked up. I woke up and was all “WTF.”

        1. I’m glad it wasn’t running or I’d have erect nipples in your dream and that would just be wrong 😀

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