Nose ring

I have to say that getting an email titled, “Nose ring” from Master has been one of my most heart-stopping moments to date.

I received it at 9:30am to my work email address and before I even opened it, I had that gut-churning-omg feeling that only comes with announcements spelling out impending doom. Yeah, unfortunately the man is still enamoured with the idea of putting a big bull ring through my nose and he is planning on doing it once he gets a job offer.

And guess what? This morning he got a job offer.

*does a little happy dance*

On one hand, it’s been a really good day. After six months of repeated interviews and teasers and a whole lot of rejection, Master received a job offer. It’s been tough on him. He’s a typical guy in not wanting to talk about how the whole experience has made him feel like shit and how the worry has been eating away at him, but being his bitch, I know these things without him even saying them.

So getting a job offer has been great. The day before his birthday and a week before Japan, nothing could be a better present. We’ll both be able to relax ‘on vacation’ knowing we’ll still have a house to live in and food to eat when we come back (Well, maybe he’ll be relaxing. I’m sure during the whole Japan trip I’ll be a tight ball of angst on the verge of a meltdown.)

It’s not exactly his dream job because it’s far away and paying less than his previous job did, but we both agree at this stage of the game, any job is a good job.

On the other hand, it has also been a terrifying day because for months he has been saying,

‘Once I get a job, I’ll finish marking you how I want.’

And of course his idea of marking me is a tongue piercing, a septum piercing and another tattoo or two or three.

And now he has a job. So we all know what this means now, kiddies, don’t we??

This would actually be one of the times that if I had a safeword, I’d be screaming it from the mountains or I’d have it painted on the side of a blimp and have it float past his bedroom window.

As you can see, I’m not the most willing victim.

So the job offer has been a bit of a two-sided blade for me. For Master it’s just plus and plus and I can feel his grin from all the way over here.


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  1. that is wonderful news, please pass my congrats on to him and though its not what he really wants in terms of pay and location, once his foot is in the door more oppertunity will arise.

    btw, have you started packing yet?

    1. I sense a facetious tone in there with the comment about the packing.

      I’ve only gone through what I’m thinking of packing and not actually packed it…yet.

      So there! Lol.

      P.S. I agree with the foot in the door thing. Anything in the mining/gas area is good resume stuff.

  2. Ever since reading your post, this “Avatar” image of you keeps coming to my mind (the nose-ring version that is). i wonder why?

    (Can you try to) forget about the piercings! Japan is first! Start packing! Your future is safe!

    1. It’s a bit hard to forget when he says it fifty billion times a day, but I’m doing my best to concentrate on happier things 🙂

  3. Congrats to your Master on his new job! And also, with the nose ring, I’ve always kind of wanted one. Although I can’t have one where I work, plus the thought of having a cold or a sinus problem has always made me leery of that.

    1. Thank you! Would you like to have the nose ring instead of me? Keep it in the slave sister hood and all that kind of stuff? 😉

    2. Come on, Coyates Kitten !
      It is obvious that you are chicken. Do him a favor and get your septum cut big enough to accommodate a big ring. There ar some really nice ones on the markey. I recommand one that will close permanently. That roles out second thoughts. He will b crazy about it and you know what that means.
      I had it done and for two years now I have lerned to face the world with that big shiny ring in the middle of my face. He simply LOVES it !

  4. Yay for the job! Woo-hoo!

    P.S. – A tongue ring is a bad, bad, BAD idea. (Not that I have to tell you that, but… It SO is and I will ramble about it anyhow, because I like talking about myself.) I got a second one at Antonio’s decree and it took him a grand total of about two days to figure out he’d made a big mistake. See, I’d gotten one over a year before I met him. A very celibate year. He LOVES that one. So do I! But he thought, hey, one is good, and you have a long tongue… Let’s throw one behind that one! Okay, cool. I was totally down for it.

    Well, we weren’t going to see each other for a month, so I’d be TOTALLY healed by the time it saw any use! And it WAS healed!

    But then that tongue ring made perfectly clear to us the difference between “healed” and “seasoned.”

    It’s a BIG difference, lemme tell ya.

    It’ll totally heal in a matter of weeks. It takes about a year to fully season. And if it’s not fully seasoned? Ugh. UGH UGH UGH. URRRRRRRRGH!!! Blow jobs produce incredible soreness and pain and swelling and (if left unchecked) migration of the tongue ring. Why? It’s tearing. That large, strong, vital MUSCLE is ripping and tearing with the stress of a steel rod being yanked around because the muscle has healed, but it sure hasn’t seasoned yet.

    Tongue rings are super fun if you already have one. They are also super fun if you are in a vanilla relationship and can actually decide when you want to exert your mouth. Hell, they might even be awesome if you had a BDSM relationship if your Man didn’t feel the need to have his girl perform all kinds of oral sex EVERY GD DAY (like mine does). Or even if he did, but he got a replacement blowjob slave for that year, that would be okay too! Basically, there is one situation where it’s NOT okay. And that situation is mine. And anyone else who has no choice in frequent blow jobs. Which, okay, in the general population is a small SMALL number of people. But I think it might be yours too. 🙂

    Okay, I’m done rambling. I’m just envisioning the pain, the inability to perform a decent blow job, the swelling, the talking like I first had it pierced… (and had we kept at it more than a couple days – the infection, the migration, ack!) Oh man, oh man, oh man. I REALLY hope that gets taken off the table, for everyone’s sake.


    1. Ah, my dear Chloe, I appreciate you concern and I have EXACTLY the same concerns, but you know what? He doesn’t give a shit and that won’t change because if he wants to do something he will do it regardless.

      I battled for more than 3 yrs with my labia piercings and he was adamant that they would stay in until they fell out, so they did.

      I think I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than get anything else pierced, but I’m the slave and what he says goes (but maybe you could cross everything for me in the faint hope that he changes his mind ??)

      1. I’mma cross everything for you, I promise.

        (I knew that would be the answer – he’s gonna do what he wants to do anyway – but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to be a voice of concern AND a voice of: “It will make her worse at blow jobs. She’ll be BAD at sucking dick unless you let the thing season, completely free of the intense motion of blow-jobs, for a YEAR!” and see if that didn’t help change his mind. It sure changed Antonio’s mind. Nothing gets that man moving faster to change things for me than the prospect that those things could make me bad at blow jobs.)

        In the meantime…. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

  5. Sigh, in a way I envy you. I’ve asked, begged, weedled Master to mark me as he wants in some way, but he’s simply not interested. I want his mark, be it tattoo, piercing, or whatever. It’s not his bag, and it stinks.

    1. Would you like to offer yourself up as a stunt double? 😉

      I quite like the *idea* of being marked, but I’m not a big fan of the reality when it hurts like a mother-fucker. Tattoos I’m okay with, but piercings?

      I’m trying not to think about it.

      1. Well Lexi, dump him ! Get a nice permanent septum ring while you are single, so it will be all healed for your real love ! I had a septum ring permanently put in and got several tattoos. The most obvious on is my forehead tattoo !
        Many men love it. They climax while while we’re having sex and all are watching my face. They kick on it !
        Success !

    2. Oh, poor thing. You are the one woman who wants it and you don’t get it !
      And I am the woman who never did want to be tattooes and I am !


  6. Ahh, but the beauty of a septum piercing is that you can wear a retainer in it when in inappropriate situations. The retainer can be flipped up into the nose, where it is hardly noticeable. The rest of the time you can wear the full on ring and your master can attach things to it, when necessary.

    Or there’s always an open grommet that allows the ring to be put in anytime you like — like a stretched ear.

    I look forward to the pics.

    1. You know comments like this don’t help me!!! 😉

      I’m still regretting the day I ever showed him the website of the Japanese slavegirl who had her septum pierced and which was where he got the idea from in the first place….

    2. No, not always ! My man wants me to have a big ring trough my septum permanently ! One that locks once squeezed shut… Trough my earlobes too !

      1. Erica, don’t worry ! I am wearing a permanently locked bullring for about eightteen months now ! I got used to it, though I will never like it ! He loves it and that is the most important thing. Let him have his way, you’ll benefit by it !
        He has had my earlobes stretched already, I can stick two fingers through them already.
        My mother would have a fit if she knew it, but I like to please him ! And t hat is my business.
        We are going to make an appointment with a well known tattoo artist about me getting some skin decorations too ! I’m scared and excited at the same time !
        Go for it, Erica !

  7. I thought the idea of a septum ring was horrifying when I read your post, until I poked a tiny bit online (trying to find the Japanese slave girl… never found her) and stumbled upon a many-page discussion by a WHOLE LOT of women sharing their septum ring stories, including 80-year-old grannies who love their rings so much that it’s become a big family tradition…

  8. My wife has her ears stretched up to a half inch already and I want it at least to be an inch, more if the flesh will allow it. She recently had the left side of her facce tattooed with a string of colorful flowers, from he temple (had to be shaved) to her chin. It is HOT, gorgeous !!!
    Now we had an instrument maker make a golgen ring of one inch inside diameter and a quarter inch thick. It will go through her nose septum. Once in place it will be closed permanently.
    I love her very much for that and love to show her off!
    She is a naturally a petite gorgeous woman and was an eye catcher in highschool alteady.
    I am extremely proud of her.

    1. Hello Gene,
      Well I guess I should come out and say it….
      I think you are blowing smoke here…..
      It would be nice to see a picture of your beautiful wife, wearing her tats and the 2g X 1″
      Septum ring!!!!

      I doubt you a LOT because My wife IS a slave, wearing several tats with My name,
      Has 3/4 tunnels, AND IS WEARING a 6g septum ring (1/2″ inside diameter), and has worn it 24/7 for YEARS..
      Care to post one??

  9. Hallo John.
    I don’t really care what you believe or not. It leaves me cold.
    My woman is not a slave and it takes me a lot of convincing to get her to look as I want her to be.
    It is 2014 in the meantime and my woman is sporting a big wonderful septum ring now ! And as I wanted, it is permanently locked in place. No removing or hiding it ! Where ever she goes the ring goes too, for all the world to see !
    Her ears are steadily getting longer, but very slowly. They are now about 3/4 inch ! But there is plenty of time yet !
    She now has some nice tattoos too, below the belt. Those are for my private joy and not te be discussed in detail.
    I think nipple rings will be next. After the nose ring was put in, she seemed to have changed a bit and is much more willing to discuss other ideas I have.
    John, enloy your slave girl and why don’t you post some pictures of her ? Or is she like my woman and refuses to have pictures on the net ?
    Personally I would not mind because I am very proud of her !

  10. Last time I posted something was in 2014. It is 2017 now, going on 2018. Time flies. My wife in the meantime had undergone a few additions. I had a professional electronicly remove all her pubic hair ! She is as smooth as a baby’s ass now. That healed up really fast, I punched her there all over all four labia and installed permanent closure rings, shiny gold ! It looks wonderful and Can feel them when I am inside her ! When the rings were in and it all healed up, I started to tattoo her crotch. She is now tattooed all around her pussy all the way to her ass hole ! I designed it so that I could add to it all over her belly. Which is what keeps me busy now in my spare time !

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