I got a call from Master today on his spiffy new mobile phone from his spiffy new office (I don’t actually know whether his office is spiffy or not, but I always like to imagine him working in a spiffy office with a secretary in a white cardigan and pearls…) He sounded chirpy and filled me in on his first day, saying things were generally good, but that boot-slut prospects for autumn were low because there was only one ‘trendy slut chick’ in the office. Fortunately, the summer sun is still blazing outside and the leaves are turning brown not because of an autumn chill in the air, but because it’s so damn hot they’re shriveling up so he won’t have to accept boot-lessness for a while longer yet.

Over the past few days I’ve made a few purchases for our Japan trip – which is next week!!! *does a little happy dance*

Terrorist regulations compliant toiletries bag:

(Resealable bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm and bottles with a capacity of no more than 80ml)

Additional terrorist regulations compliant toiletries to go in said terrorist regulations compliant toiletries bag:

(Contact solution is 120ml but exempt from 80ml limit due to being a ‘medicinal requirement’. I realised afterwards that the hairspray is 100ml so I’ll have to go in search of one 20ml smaller…)

I didn’t actually realise that the terrorist bullshit regulations were still in effect and I originally only bought small versions of everything because I was intending to save space in my itty-bitty carry-on suitcase that I have to fit everything for two weeks into:

(Obviously there ain’t many pairs of boots going into this suitcase. I’ll be wearing the only pair of boots I’m taking with me on the plane…)

After looking at my pathetically small suitcase, I came to the conclusion that I will need to live in jeans for two weeks so I purchased some new jeans that actually fit! It only took trying on 15 pairs in two different stores to find these babies:

(Bootleg on the left and skinny on the right.)

I liked the sparkles on the botty:

And it’s official…I’m officially short:

(I thought at 165cm or 5′ 5″ I was a little on the tall-side, but apparently not…)

It’s not that we’re going on a cheap airline where you have to pay to check in luggage or anything like it, the reality of travelling all over Japan in a very short space of time means we can’t be lugging luggage around. It’s just not practical and since we’re going on trains and buses and things, there just isn’t space to put a big suitcase. We are planning on buying two larger suitcases while we’re there and stuffing them full with goodies to bring back though πŸ™‚

I also made an additional purchase while I was at the el cheapo shop. I’ve been lusting after a ped-egg ever since I first saw it on late night tv, but somehow I couldn’t justify spending $80 on a fancy pumice stone and I couldn’t live with the stigma of buying something in an infomercial. Then I saw this for $4.99 on the clearance table and I just had to have it:

(Yes, people, it’s the full 18 piece set!!!)

I also felt a little bit better about my impulse buy after I noticed this:

(“Similar to as seen on TV” lol…)

I somehow felt relieved that I had bought something that was *similar* to a ped-egg, but not quite one.

I’d avoided the infomercial stigma andΒ at least it wasn’t a snuggie

I’ve also done a couple of Japan quirks to add to my growing list – I’ve nearly got fifty! Yeah, I know I have too much time on my hands.


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  1. HAHAHA snuggies πŸ˜› My older brother, scourge of the WoW world and tech head extraordinaire, who fancies himself something of a goth….has a black snuggie with a full sized white skeleton design on it. He lurves his snuggie πŸ˜›

    1. WoW and a snuggie??? Lol…

      I laffed so hard when I saw that article in the paper the other day about that world record attempt for snuggie wearing…Americans scare me…lol. I think you need to get back to England asap!

  2. I love the jeans. I’m a big fan od sparkles on the bum too. However, I do wonder when I buy an item with sparkles and they include a tiny plastic bag of spares. I refuse to sew, glue or otherwise replace lost bling on clothing.

    We bought a snuggie for an Aussie relative last Christmas. Oops! didn’t realize they were out. Said relative, used to warmer climes, is always cold here in Canada, so we figured it would be just the thing.

    Have a wonderful trip!


    1. I guess it’s nice they gave you a bag of spares….mine didn’t come with any….

      Snuggies came out here last year during winter. They didn’t hang around for long though and I only saw them on tv for a couple of weeks. I have to admit I was a bit tempted – I hate the cold…

  3. I travel quite often with work and im pretty sure that anything upto 100ml is ok – might save you buying some new hairspray.

      1. Lol…

        I even checked the official government homepage and printed off several pages…it’s sad when you can’t travel like you used to.

  4. could you bring me back some of that pineapple candy you talked about on one of your quirk posts please? they look yummy

    1. The pineapple version is an Okinawa souvenir, but the citrus version is available everywhere. Can you live with citrus if I can’t manage to get pineapple?

  5. “Short”? I dunno about other countries, but for the US, 5’4 – 5’8 is the average height range for women. Of course, industrial size labels don’t always reflect reality. Also in the US, the average shoe size for women is about 9, which is considered to be on the “large” end. Supposedly, around 20% of women wear men’s shoes because sizes 11-14 are near impossible to find.

    Or maybe your legs are just short. ;-p

    1. Lol…yeah, the ‘short’ label was for the inner seam length so I’ve got stunted legs.

      I’m normally a size 8 in shoes which equated to 24.5cm in Japan and I could *never* find shoes to fit or clothes for that matter…I think Japan is really tough on your ego in that sense.

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