Preparations Part Deux

After angsting over night about my recently purchased sparkly jeans, I decided to take one pair back and get a pair of plain black ones instead.

But my shopping didn’t end there.

I also purchased a red trench coat that I’ve been lusting after for two years, a pair of ballet flats that I’ve been lusting over since last year and a new pair of ankle boots.

I was actually intending to get my ankle boots re-soled, but when I took them in, the guy said they were too far gone:

(Apparently having a hole that you can poke your finger into is not a good thing…)

Damn, they are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned! I haven’t thrown them out yet though, I feel like giving them some sort of memorial because they were such great shoes…

Today Master went to work and I did some more Japan prep. I’ve got a little folder filled with maps, coupons, bus schedules, train timetables and other assorted stuff I’ve collected to take with me so I filed it in the order of places we’ll be visiting.

Then I pencilled in places to eat meals in my spreadsheet based on the areas we’ll be in around meal times and worked out train connections so we get where we need to be on time.

Does all this sound a tad too anal to you?

This afternoon I was expecting Master home a little before 6pm so I bathed and booted up to give him his first naked slave girl greeting in about six months.

Then while I was waiting for him, naked, kneeling by the door, the doorbell rang.


It was our friends from around the corner so I ran off to my room to get some clothes on and by the time I came back to the door, they’d gone but Master had arrived. So clothes came off again and I was getting into position by the door when I saw our friends pull up again outside behind Master’s car. They must have passed him as they were leaving and turned around and came back again. So clothes went back on again.

Seriously, I felt like I was playing musical clothes with myself.

As they said, they’ve already seen me naked plenty of times before so it really wouldn’t have mattered, but you know, I like to force my nakedness on as few people as possible – I think that’s the most humane thing to do.



8 thoughts on “Preparations Part Deux

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  1. you silly girl, i would think your visitors would have enjoyed seeing you squirm in your nakedness…not long now.

    1. I’m sure they probably would have enjoyed seeing me squirm, but the important question is, would I have enjoyed squirming in front of them? Me thinks not 😉

  2. PMSL at the clothes on and off.

    I wouldn’t say you were anal re: your preparations, but I’m most impressed with your spreadsheet. I can’t even create a spreadsheet. 😦

  3. Ohhh, I love the red coat!! Very sexy/classy.

    I have to admit I’m really jealous over your spreadsheet ability. I don’t have a clue how to conquer them. I’m fairly anal myself when it come to preparing for anything. Just a trip to pick up groceries involves several days of planning all my meals in advance, making list, cross checking list with coupons. This is all minor to when we actually have to pack up and go on some trip. I have a serious addiction to over planning and making list.

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