Shitty movies I’ve seen lately and geeky gadget stuff

Julie & Julia – I blog and I love food, but I still didn’t get what was supposed to be so good about this movie.

2012 – I didn’t make it past the first fifteen minutes. Thank god I was on a plane and had 35 other on-demand movies to amuse myself with.

The Blind Side – I have no idea how this won an Academy Award…well, actually I do, but let’s not get into discussions about white guilt.

Sherlock Holmes – Robert….how can thee be so good, but thou movies so bad??

and the list continues…

Thank god for Avatar, or 2010 was looking like a total write-off as far as movies were concerned.

Other than a little outing to get some photos printed so I can send them to my grandmother and a supermarket run to get bread, milk & fruit and vegetables, we spent the day doing as little as possible. Master is still recovering from the cold/flu thing he picked up while we were in Japan so I stayed by his bedside loungeside and scoffed chocolate. Did I mention that I won an easter hamper *FULL* of chocolate while we were away? Yeah. It’s just the PERFECT thing to win when you’ve stuffed yourself full of melon bread, put on four kilograms and have vowed to start a diet on your return. This is the ridiculous hamper I won:

(I calculated that there are over 3kgs of chocolate in there…)

So yeah, the diet is starting again….from Monday (because I need another day to build motivation…and scoff some more chocolate.) For the last week, I’ve been wearing the uber little calorie measuring device I picked up in Japan so I can work out a plan (it needs a week to measure your average calorie expenditure). This is what it looks like:

It’s got a 3-D sensor in it that measures your movements/lack of movement and calculates approximately how many calories you’ve burned. As well as the typical pedometer functions measuring steps and distance, it also calculates calories burned during jogging, aerobics and desk-work due to the movements of your body. You can also set it for a certain amount of weight-loss you want to achieve in a month and it will work out what your daily calorie deficit needs to be and then will suggest things you can do to reach that and it keeps a daily record of whether you’ve reached your target or not. It’s obviously not as accurate as a heart rate monitor, but it’s much more user-friendly.

I also bought myself another set of scales in Japan and I now officially have three sets of scales lined up on my bathroom floor. These are my new ones from Omron:

The top part detaches to make a more accurate measurement of body fat (and is also good because the display is at eye-level instead of between your feet) and along with all the usual measurements of BMI, body fat, skeletal mass, bone density and fluid levels, the new function it has is measuring skeletal muscle. This is apparently a good indication of how well your internal organs are functioning and your joint health. Mmmm….I love gadgets.

Speaking of gadgets, I also popped the cherry on my new rice cooker (did I mention I brought back a rice cooker from Japan as well?)

(It came with a steamer rack, measuring cup and rice scoop for the price of $90.)

The only sad thing about this rice cooker is that it is actually made in Thailand and so the instruction manual includes recipes for such home-cooking favourites as Khao Ob Gai lao Khing (griddled rice with cooking rice liquor and ginger chicken) & Joke Moo Deng Sai Kai Yeoa Ma (congee with bounced pork an duck’s egg preserved in potash). And I shit you not, that is exactly what is written in the book.

Master wanted to know why the hell I went to Japan and brought back a rice cooker made in Thailand. And I can understand why he asked, but the answer is simple – because I had no other choice. Being that Australia runs on 240v and just every other civilised country runs on something else, Hitachi make one rice cooker that runs on 240v – for the Thailand market. So it has the two round prongs on the power cord for the Thai power plugs that I had to buy an adaptor for to use here, but at least it works without a transformer. In terms of functions and settings it leaves everything else available in Australia way behind, but in Japan, it’s the lowliest of the low models

But I was happy with the rice it cooked and more importantly it has a timer! Yay! There’s nothing like setting the rice cooker before you leave for work in the morning and coming home to the smell of perfectly cooked rice wafting through the house.

I made kick-ass curry to have with the rice and it was truly scrummy. Julia Child I may not be, but I can still make a mean curry.


7 thoughts on “Shitty movies I’ve seen lately and geeky gadget stuff

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  1. Speaking of losing weight, my scale says that I’ve gained around 35 lbs in the past 2 months. Considering that I don’t appear to have gained any significant mass and a couple of other scales I’ve tried recently say that I weigh the same as usual, it’s probably broken. So I got a new one yesterday.

    According to the new one, I’ve either lost 110 lbs or relocated to Mars.

    I’m taking it back tomorrow.

    (Note: It’s not stuck on kilogram setting or anything like that, I already took that into consideration. If it were, it would still be off by around 20 kg. Plus I tried the kg setting and it doesn’t work even close to right either.)

    1. That’s weird. Maybe the force of gravity did change while you weren’t looking…lol.

      I do think it’s necessary to have an accurate set of scales though. I’ve never understood people who don’t weigh themselves or who do it once a month or something. I’m a very numbers-driven person and need that affirmation every day.

      1. Update: I took it back and exchanged it for a new one of the same brand and model. And guess what, it gave the exact same results. With some experimentation I discovered that this is due to a design flaw not mentioned in the user manual: unlike my old scale, for some reason it doesn’t work on carpet.


  2. That little counter thingy you have would be beeping loudly as it would think I was clinically dead due to the lack of moment from me. LOL

    That’s a really cool gadget though, I want it and the scales. I also want your Darryl Lea nougat egg, but that’s another story.

    You can keep the rice cooker, I don’t like rice. *insert spitty face*

    P.S I liked 2012 (expects to be banned from blog lol)

    1. Nah….I don’t ban people from my blog on the grounds of questionable movie taste 🙂

      The freaky thing about it is, it knows when I’m wearing it and when I’m not. Yeah…freaky stuff.

  3. Have you tried tricking it kitten? Like holding it in your hand and shaking it? I used to do that with my pedometer. LOL

    That is freaky that it knows you aren’t wearing it. I wonder if it’s going to become your new Master. M did mention he’d sell you onto someone else when the time was right, that someone else might well be your new toy. hehehe

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