Hand to mouth

One the aspects that I’ve always loved about being property is being treated like an animal. Well specifically, like a pet.

Master has been hand-feeding me recently. First it was grapes then segments of mandarin he’d peeled and held above my head so I could reach up and grab them like a well-trained circus act.

He had a warm glimmer in his eye as his did it and sometimes moved the morsel around so I’d have to follow it and reach up further.

‘That was so much fun,” he said afterwards.

Normally Master doesn’t like sharing his food. His food is his food and he said that he has never shared his food with anyone before but me. I feel kind of special knowing that he is willing to share his food with me and even take pleasure in it.

There was a time before that I ate everything out of one of these:

Of course, eating everything out of a dog-bowl is not without challenges. My brekky of nuked Weetbix and milk would usually involve me getting some of it up my nose (and of course, the nuking had to be done in a different bowl and then the finished product transferred to the stainless bowl for eating on floor). Sandwiches had to be cut up into bite-sized portions and everything had to be cooled enough so that third-degree burns weren’t sustained on my tongue.

On the pet theme, I also spend some time in this:

Which is big enough for me to fit in, but not large enough to be comfortable for very long. After several hours in my cage, I can understand why one of the easiest and most successful torture devices is something that keeps you in an enforced foetal position.

And then there’s this, of course, the ultimate pet accessory:

I have several, with chains of different lengths, straps of different colours and a really big mother-of-a-chain that’s not really a leash but that is used to leash me to his bed.

Slave? Pet? What am I?

Who knows.


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  1. I’ve never been caged (but I want one!). I’ve never eaten out of a kitten dish (but I’d like to!)
    I’ve only been leashed. Master would love to cage me, but we don’t have the funds for a cage, and I don’t think he’d get any sort of enjoyment out of watching me eat from a dish.

    1. buy yourself a collapsible show dog cage 42 inch is a very big one plenty of room with 2 doors end and side and cost new $150

      bought some sponge cushion from rubber store for bottom of kittens cage for comfort but could just throw in futon or doona as an alternative

      people used to think the cage was for jacque our departed standard poodle, it was kitten’s jacque never went inside it occasionally he put a head inside it when kitten was going in or going out of it. would have lol if he ever decided to join her inside it

  2. Oh, God. [groaning]

    The sadist has started giving me water from his hand. His hand is large and firm enough that just the one serves as a bowl. I will have been sucking his cock, kneeling on the floor before him as he sits enthroned in his chair that used to be my father’s, and he will pour water from his glass into his hand for me to drink with gratitude. There is something loving about the gesture, even though he has never said he loves me, and never will.

    Some day he will take me away for a day or two, and will feed me from his hand as well. But although he calls me his pet, it is more a term of endearment than an indication of regarding me as an animal-type pet. I doubt he would dangle the food the way your Master did, though I can imagine him enjoying my frustration if he held it just out of reach. I think that for both of us it is more the question of my being dependent on him for my very life, as I feel when he closes his hand around my throat.

    The philosopher, however, used to give me milk out of one of the tiny bowls from which I feed the cats. I could barely get my mouth into it. I’m not sure quite what I did with my nose. He lvoed watching me and I loved how small it made me feel.

    1. Lovely 🙂

      The choice of bowl is really vital. I had a smaller bowl picked out for me to use, but I just couldn’t get my head into it…lol. So I went off to the petshop and selected a bowl by putting by head into each and seeing if I could touch the bottom (total humiliation session).

      I love feeling small too. I wonder what it is with that?

    1. I think Alan’s definition of being a ‘good slave’ is not to have any rebellious thoughts or have any waivering moments of ‘Can I do this?’ (and just for the record, that’s why I think he’s living in lala land 🙂 )

      An ex-pen? As in a pen for my ex’s? Lol…if so, I like the idea.

      1. Exercise pen. It’s like a crate but larger, without a top or bottom. (Er, roof or floor.) Collapsible for storage or travel. Yes, it keeps stray ex’s securely out of the way too!


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