Why I’m known as the omelette queen

Thinking about what to have for lunch today, I decided to really live on the edge and have what I’d normally only eat for breakfast- an omelette. (Yeah, I really walk on the wild side when hungry and left to my own devices.)

I like to fill my omelettes with big chunky pieces of tomatoes, capsicum, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms and sometimes, but not today, onion. I also added some left-over cold chicken that we had in the fridge.

Then I went Japanese and smothered the baby in tomato sauce:

I’ve never had an omelette in Japan that wasn’t served with a smothering of tomato sauce or a bottle on the side to squirt on your own, but then again, omelettes in Japan are mostly filled with rice and look like this:

Speaking of tomato sauce or tommy sauce (which is what we call it in my neck of the woods), I was reading wiki the other day – for no other reason than I’m a nerd –  and discovered that there’s a huge thing about whether you call it ketchup, catchup, or tomato sauce. I remember when I was going through my makes-me-cringe-now Garfield phase (yeah, it followed my I-want-a-horse stage and was right before my in-love-with-Mel Gibson phase) and wondering why it was written as ‘catsup’ (to be honest I thought it was a joke, like ‘cat’, and you know Garfield is a cat and yeah, I’ll just shut up now.)

Funnily enough I never used to like or eat eggs. I spent the first…umm…20 years or so of my life never eating a boiled egg, a scrambled egg, or even an omelette. There was just something about the idea of eating something that came out of a chicken’s bum hole and that could become a living animal that totally grossed me out. Now I’m okay with eggs as long as they are well-cooked. I’m still not big on the soft-yolk or the poached or the raw in any way, shape or form, but omelettes are things that now line my tummy several times a week.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my omelette for lunch was divine. Usually I’m not one to brag, but I really do have to say, it was FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!


7 thoughts on “Why I’m known as the omelette queen

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  1. Dontcha know I read this and went and made an omlette for brekkie.
    As for the ones with rice, I used to live in Korea and it was the same, called Ome Rice. Loved it!

    1. Hehehehe…I have *mind power*.

      I have a feeling the omuraisu in Korea was an import from Japan, just like the triangular rice balls. I like my omuraisu to have chicken rice in the middle. Yummo!

  2. oh, yum! It looks delicious! Like you I avoided eggs until I was about 22! Now I only really like them scrambled or in an omelet!

    1. Weird! I feel like I missed out on so many years of eggie goodness! I guess I’m making up for lost time now 😉

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