Why I don’t think sucking it up is the answer to everything

You wear the shiny thing so suck it up.

It’s a phrase I hear all the time and it drives me absolutely crazy.

I think, feel, worry, hesitate, angst just like every other human being. Wearing something around my neck does not help me deal with things any better and it does not make all my problems magically disappear. In fact, wearing the shiny thing gives me a whole new layer of things to feel on top of the constant flood of emotions and fears that I have as a result of every day life. On top of money worries, family worries and body issues, to name a few of the everyday things floating around my brain, as a slave I also get the lovely worries of angsting about whether I’m ‘slavey’ enough, whether I’m pleasing enough, whether I’ll pass out next time he beats my ass, and so on and so forth.

In short, wearing the shiny thing makes things harder – not easier.

I understand that as a slave I’m supposed to take all these things in my stride. I know I’m supposed to be able to juggle life, work and slavery with one hand while I give Master pleasure with my other and still have every hair on my head in place, but I can’t. And if I can’t manage to do all the physical stuff at the same time, imagine what’s going on in my head. Imagine how over-stretched I feel when all the little voices keep chip, chipping away at my

I don’t think sucking it up actually deals with anything. More than anything it pushes the problem under the rug and just delays the inevitable confrontation. There might be ways of working through some things, there might be problems that easily be solved with some discussion, but there will always be stuff that is ‘untouchable’ – that core of beliefs that are intrinsically formed from a lifetime of experiences and the scars and battle wounds of former relationships. Those things can’t be altered, because they form the basis of the person’s personality and that person’s humanity.

It’s serious shit dealing with the stuff inside people’s minds. It’s not something that a bit of ‘re-training’ will address. Yes, you can be taught to make someone a cup of coffee in the exact way they like it or give head so they cum in record time. Learned behaviours can be re-learned, but beliefs, ideals and emotional baggage are beyond the scope of behaviour modification.

Being told to ‘suck up’ something that goes against my internal wiring is like pouring petrol on a dying fire. It’s going to flare up and burn your eyebrows off, but after that initial burst, the fire is still going to die, because nothing has really changed.

I can’t do everything. I’m not super slave. There are limits to what I can and cannot do. There are limits to what I can and cannot deal with mentally and emotionally. That’s all part and parcel of being human and more importantly part of being me.

Being a slave doesn’t change that – I’m still me.


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t think sucking it up is the answer to everything

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  1. This post resonated with me as well.
    The fire analogy helped me to understand why things get worse in my life sometimes.
    I am the one telling myself to suck it up, no one else seems to do it.

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