Why some people amuse me greatly

Normally I’m not one into pointing at people at laughing, but sometimes, there are just some situations where I just can’t control myself…

Like this morning when I opened up my email and saw this:

I’m sure after looking at his delightful pics that, like me, you immediately want to know more about him…

Behold, the introductory blurb:


I like the ‘Ming vase’ reference. Classy.

Every month as a member of alt.com I get an email that summarises the members of the month and people who are interested in my profile. The gentleman above was chosen as a ‘standout member’ for his ‘discerning taste and style’.

Now, I realise that some doms have fetishes and are into leather, latex and all that sort of stuff, but for me, I just can’t take a guy seriously if his outfit is better than mine.

I also can’t take a guy seriously if the expression on his profile pic seems to say, ‘You be my vase and hold my flower baby’, but that may also just be me.

P.S I really do need to get myself a keyboard cover so when I snort coffee all over the place after looking at amusing emails I don’t fuck up my iMac.

PP.S Sorry if this is your profile….but…umm…you might want to rethink things a bit…


8 thoughts on “Why some people amuse me greatly

Add yours

    1. Lol…yeah…I see a guy with an expression like that and I wonder whether he’s batting for the other team 🙂

  1. The next time you go to your email and there is mail from alt.com, go to the kitchen, get a length of Saran Warp and place it over your keyboard. Saran Wrap, not just for mummification and bondage any more.

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