I spent most of my day entertaining the electrician who came over to install a new power point for M's recently purchased stainless steel oven. Tradesmen, in my opinion are a necessary evil: I can't do the shit they do so I need them, but at the same time I feel totally invaded when they... Continue Reading →

These feet were made for worshipping…

...and that's just what slaves do! It's always refreshing to start a post with a bit of slave humour, isn't it? My apologies for leaving everything in the lurch and disappearing for several days. I've been ill with some dreaded virus-cold-thing that turned me into the snot monster. I swear every time I get sick... Continue Reading →

Transient permanence

A wise person said once that people will do anything to make their life seem less meaningless. We collect things, build things, etch our stamp of "I wuz here" all in an effort to prove that we are here on the earth for some sort of a reason. I think this is where slavery comes... Continue Reading →

A change is as good as a holiday

I decided to throw off the covers and start afresh by attempting to update the look of my blog. I'm staying away from the darker colour schemes that tend to go along with blogs of a 'kinky' nature and I'm going for PINK for no other reason than I'm a girl and every girl needs some pink... Continue Reading →

What’s the big deal?

After four years, there are things that you do regardless of whether you wear the shiny thing or not.  I guess they just become a part of life, a part of me when the line between 'kitten' and 'me' is more opaque than solid. Like last night I decided to make dinner wearing an ''outfit". It used to... Continue Reading →

Gumby & the pink elephant

Master removed my collar the night before last. I'm no longer his 'slave' and he's no longer my 'Master', so I guess I really should be calling him M. He is M and I'm K. Officially, that's all we are at the moment. The issue of my slavery had been a pink elephant between us... Continue Reading →

Enter title here

Okay so it turns out I was pmsing....does anyone else think that their pms gets worse as they get older? I heard someone describe the phenomenon as 'yet another way god punishes you for not having children' because apparently the hormone levels get balanced out a bit when you have children (correct me if I'm... Continue Reading →

The ‘Name that Movie!’ game returns

I'm absolutely rooted (which can mean either fubar or well-fucked in Australian, but I'll leave it up to you to decided which) and walking around like an old granny after spending the day shifting three tonnes of wood and helping my boss load his life into his container to ship back to Japan. Due to going to... Continue Reading →

How was your Sunday?

I started my Sunday with a couple of slaps across the face, some arm twisting, pinching, grappling and quite a few tears. Just a typical Sunday morning in the house of a non-compliant Now I don't know about you, but when I'm told, 'Open your mouth' so that the man can do a 'here-comes-the-aeroplane!'... Continue Reading →

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