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Okay so it turns out I was pmsing….does anyone else think that their pms gets worse as they get older? I heard someone describe the phenomenon as ‘yet another way god punishes you for not having children’ because apparently the hormone levels get balanced out a bit when you have children (correct me if I’m wrong any of you who have procreated…) I woke up this morning and bamn! there was plague. I guess the cramps should have been a hint, but at 4am I can be a bit dense.

I had one of those weeks where I was just getting through each day – you know when you’re on auto-pilot and keep saying to yourself, ‘I just need to make it through to the weekend, I just need to make it through to the weekend…’ Getting up at the crack-ass of dawn most days also doesn’t seem to be conducive to my positive feelings about everyday life. I’m really not a morning person and no matter how I try, I can’t change it. I actually get a headache when I wake up too early – regardless of how many hours I’ve slept. Is that bizarre or what? It’s like my body is telling me I’m doing it wrong or something.

In an effort to force myself to exercise, I’ve been going to work with Master in the mornings and getting him to drop me off about 5km from my office. I then walk back to my office (carrying my work gear in my backpack), get changed and put my face on in the office toilet and front up at my desk just before 9am. It sounds like a good plan in theory, but after doing it for a couple of weeks, I’m started to get bored of walking the same roads everyday. Have I mentioned before that I get bored very, very quickly? As far as exercise is concerned, my reaching-boredom-speed is about ten times my normal reaching-boredom-speed so that doesn’t help either.

I know changing my route would help things, but I’m pretty stuck for alternative choices being wedged between a river and a freeway. We’re also limited by the fact that Master needs to be at his office by 8am and I need to be at my office by 9am so there’s not much scope for wandering off on side-streets. As I walk I’ve been listening to ‘101 Greatest Aussie Hits’ on my ipod and amusing myself with how many bands I didn’t realise were Australian and how many song titles I can’t name, but I figure I’ll be bored with doing that in approximately a week.

I’ve never really understood people who enjoy exercise. I used to enjoy going to aerobics, but that was only because I enjoyed the challenge of learning the routines and proving my superiority as aerobics queen. I didn’t really enjoy the sweating, the puffing or any of the other assorted niceties of exercise including jelly legs and the unfortunate releases of bodily gases when legs are raised into certain positions. I always find it hard to do things without a purpose so walking just for the sake of walking is something I will not do. Walking to the shops to buy something or walking to work are things I can cope with, so that’s why I’ve embarked on my morning walking routine. I can tell now it’s going to be a bitch in winter though. I’m already walking along in three layers of clothing and gloves because it’s so cold. For the life of me, I can’t understand how people can be walking along in just bra tops and stretchy pants at that time of the morning and not freeze their tits off.

My boss left to go back to Japan yesterday. He’ll be back occasionally to see how the new guy is coming along, but it’s truly the end of an era. He was a really nice guy and I’ll miss our chats about Japan and how crap Australia is. As far as our opinions were concerned we gelled on everything except camping. He thinks camping is fantastic whereas I think camping is what abnormal people do for kicks. But then again, he’s the type of person who tips himself upside-down in a kayak just so he can roll up the right way in as many fancy and flashy ways as possible. I believe they teach a similar thing in ‘Ways to Drown 101’.

My new boss is a bit of a dubious character. I have a feeling his extreme levels of anal-ness will start to grate on my nerves shortly and he has a laugh that involves about thirty seconds of snorting with every giggle. In an interesting twist he got married before coming to Australia and he is yet to have any sexual relations with his new wife… (I didn’t actually ask him about his sex life. My old boss did in the spirit of it’s-okay-to-ask-about-really-inappropriate-things-in-Japanese.) If it was me, I’d be very concerned about marrying someone that soon. What’s that old adage about taking the car for a test drive before buying it?

Oh and remember that welcome dinner I went out to a couple of weeks ago and ended up being slightly food-poisoned? Well, I was processing the petty cash receipts at work and found out that for the three of us, the dinner cost $475!!!! Divide that by three and you get about $160 per person! For my $160 I had a pan-fried field mushroom with a scallop on top for entree, a seafood ‘tasting plate’ that had one tiny baby octopus, one tiny squid, two scallops and a tiny piece of fish on it, panacotta for dessert with coffee and 2 glasses of wine. That’s why I don’t enjoy going out to dinner in Perth – ridiculous prices and mediocre food. After some thought, we’ve thought it might have been the mushroom that made me so sick as the mushroom was bigger than the total amount of seafood on my plate…lol.

I went shopping the other week and bought four more pairs of boots to add to my collection. Unfortunately, I also had to throw away 3 pairs of boots as I’d worn them into a state of total disrepair (the repair guy just laughed at me when I took them in asking if he could fix them). I learned that in many cases it’s cheaper just to buy another pair than have them fixed. A new sole and a heel replacement sets you back approximately $40 and a pair of new boots can be bought on the cheap for $20-$40 so that’s a bit of a no-brainer in my books (of course I’m talking about el cheapo day boots here, not the uber leather slut boots that can set you back several hundred dollars and are obviously cheaper to repair than replace). So my total boot collection has increased only by a factor of one – which is a very good thing considering I already have enough trouble trying to store the boots I currently own.

Apparently this year over-the-knee boots are in, so I’m sure you can imagine Master’s excitement. He really is a boot boy. He has been spending copious amounts of time cataloguing our photos from the Japan trip and he added a tag ‘boots’ so he could group together all the boot pics (most of which were pics of random people on the street he chased after to take a pic of their boots). Of the four pairs I purchased, two pairs were over-the-knee so not only did I keep the man happy, but now I’m in fashion to boot šŸ™‚


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