I think I’ll just shut the fuck up now

M has laid out his thoughts about us in his latest blog Feelings.

That’s all I have to say for now.


13 thoughts on “I think I’ll just shut the fuck up now

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  1. Not everyone who has left a comment here has bemoaned what terrible treatment you received at the hands of your horrid Master and I don’t think that’s what I’ve heard from you either. I’m sorry he feels that way but your trying to figure out who you are from your side of the bench. He has to do it from his side. Hopefully you two will meet in the middle or just stop riding the proverbial pine and find different teams to play for. Until then you both have support and encouragement from people which you both need.

    Sure, some may take your side in this fray but he shouldn’t allow it to be a reflection of himself. It’s just some random person’s opinion. And opinions are like assholes. we all have them and sometimes they stink.

    Carry on wayward slave 🙂 the best way you know how.

    1. *smiles@wayward slave*

      I pointed out to him that I had no idea what he was referring to with the taking sides comment, but apparently for some reason he felt slighted.

  2. I am mildly confused about one thing… Perhaps it’s more for him to answer than you, though. I dunno.

    All the talk of him needing permanence in slavehood seems… Odd. Because if he sees it as a choice and if someone (like you) who walked in thinking “This is for good” can be let off the “slave-hook” by simply saying, “I don’t want to do this anymore” then… How is permanence even an option if everyone he ever enters into a relationship like this with thinks “This is for good” in the beginning but is free to change her mind at any time?

    (And don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating some massive illegal behavior to force someone unwilling to do things… You know, chain you to the bathroom sink and leave you there all day every day as a literal captive. Of course not. I think this temporary nature is, in all seriousness, true for everyone. We aren’t “real” slaves no matter what we say or do, it’s all about choice.)

    I guess I’m just saying – what’s the difference between someone who says “I’m a slave” and yet CAN deny him anything she wants because it’s all her choice, and someone like you who maintains, out of desire, “95% or more” of what he wants, and basically just doesn’t wear a metal necklace and can deny him… well… the exact same things someone with the slave label can deny him.

    Claiming the title of slave has proved temporary for you, and has proved able to be temporary for anyone who inhabits it. So… I guess I don’t see where any form of true permanence actually exists. Not for you guys, not for me, not for ANYONE!

    I’m not voicing this very well; I’m extremely tired and I think I’m getting sick. So forgive if this makes no sense…


    1. I think the difference is in the mindset. Someone who takes on the slave label, in her mind, isn’t able to say no. Someone without the slabe label, in her mind, can certainly say no and might just very well do it.

      Permanent slavery is permanent as long as the slave wishes to be a slave to the Master. Permanent slavery is rather an implication that you are deciding right then and there that slavery is the way it will be for as long as you are together, or until the two of you agree otherwise.

    1. Well, I didn’t feel very good after I read his post if that’s what you mean. In fact, I had a big cry about it in the bath ….

      Then I told him how I’d read his post as meaning that he only had feelings for me because *I was* his slave (and I’m guessing that’s how you read it too) and he said he didn’t mean it like that.

      I felt a bit better after that. Lol.

  3. What Ashley said. How ARE you feeling about it? Are you still feeling safe/secure or has that now vanished to the ether?

    1. Definitely feeling much less secure and safe. I read his post as a wanted ad for his next slave. That wasn’t too good on the ego I can tell you that.

  4. i agree with sephani – i hadn’t particularly felt that anyone was *taking sides* or anything like that…

    as i said before – i hope that between the two of you, you can work stuff out to suit you both

    1. I hadn’t felt there were really “sides”, per se, but… it IS subtle’s blog, so of course people are going to be sympathetic towards her more in the comments left – it’s HER little world. I am sure that on M’s blog, the people that leave comments there are going to be more sympathetic to him, because it’s HIS world there. I don’t think that people are choosing sides or anything, just responding to the perspective they’re reading.

  5. does it really matter who is on whose side? these are comments from the internet, what really should matter is between M and kitten and the rest taken with a grain of salt.

    1. Yes , I agree, my comments were never meant to imply I was on a side, simply that I valued kitten’s expressive and honest nature. I have never made comments that assume anything about the relationship. That’s not for me to judge at all.


  6. I didn’t make the comment back when it first came up, but I wish I had now. When M said
    “of course, your needs are being met”
    the obvious other side to that is “my needs aren’t” and it seemed like you completely ignored that. Or didn’t feel compelled to comment on, what I see, as a HUGE elephant in the corner.

    Well M answered that elephant. It seems slightly passe now, but M/s or not, it is still a relationship and requires the same kind of forethought emotional intuition…

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