Stop the wagon, I’m getting on!

kaya's done it. chloe's done it. Now I'm doing it, but with some slightly more interesting questions... 1. Fail moment in the last week? It would either be walking out of the toilet at work with my skirt tucked into my underwear, or not realising that the time on my mobile was 7 minutes late... Continue Reading →


I have something to say: It's better to burn out, than to fade away! And if you said, "There can be only one!" in response to that, you're a child of the eighties. Welcome to my era. Okay, enough reminiscing... I'm still feeling blah, but I really don't think there is something wrong with me.... Continue Reading →


I've been in a slump about myself for a while now - feeling bad about myself, my looks, my weight, my life. I get this way every so often and it starts slowly and then starts to spiral down in a great big vortex that sucks up anything and everything around it. At the moment... Continue Reading →


Level=extreme It's that time of the year when icy mornings and chilly evenings find me either wedged in front of the wood fire or in my bed at grandma o'clock with my leckie blankie on. So I'm not spending time in front of my computer, not blogging and pretty much ignoring the rest of the world. It's... Continue Reading →

Learning to fear

Very shortly it will be my fifth anniversary of being a slave. Five years that have included, two owners, several collarings, mystery shoppers, play parties and numerous experiences. So what have I learned after five years? I've learned to fear. Five years ago I had no fear whatsoever. I felt nothing but excitement over plunging... Continue Reading →

Where is your cervix???

I have to say, I never expected that particular question to come out of my doctor's mouth when I went in for my bi-annual pap smear today. Why does your vaginal area look like a scrap metal yard? I would not be surprised by. But Where is your cervix? kind of blew me away. It... Continue Reading →

Itchy twat

Itchy twat. That's about all I've got on my mind at the moment - my twat that is growing ever more itchy by the second due to the hair starting to sprout through. I finally removed the hair that M had dubbed a 'forest'  on Monday after being threaten with a howible, howible punishment if I didn't (although... Continue Reading →

Emails in the life of kitten

First thing this morning I get this email from the man: Sweetie  Hope your core body temperature didn’t drop off too much for your walk this morning  A blog for your morning coffee at the office  Enjoy your day at work  If you do get home early after, lighting the fire and sorting out your... Continue Reading →

In training

M wanted to put his collar back around my neck last night, but I resisted. I guess that's reason #785 why I don't think I'm a slave - resisting collaring (lol...sounds like something you could be put away for three to five for...) I've still got a bit of a wall in front of me... Continue Reading →

Tarts & tickets

I've got my ticket, have you got yours?? And I even went as far as paying the extra $2 online booking fee so I could reserve seats ahead of time...and for a frugal person like me, that just shows you how serious I am. (btw, can anyone explain to me why we have to pay... Continue Reading →

What’s new?

Not a lot. I spent my day doing loads of washing, cleaning the spa and rescuing the kitchen from the throes of M's creative woodwork. There are clamps in my kitchen where clamps were never meant to go... Oh and last night I had my pussy photographed with a butterfly clit-stimulator for a friend's webpage.... Continue Reading →


I was thinking about this topic a while back when kaya brought it up and it's something that frequently comes up in discussions about M/s relationships. There seems to be a general belief that subs get into these kind of relationships to somehow better themselves or become something more than they were. I have to... Continue Reading →

Indiana Jones & the many things of doom

It’s probably not the best title for a movie, but it accurately describes the last few days as far as M & I are concerned –except without the hat and whip hot nazi chick. The “simple installation” of the oven turned into a three-man-all-day event on Sunday and a couple more hours last night and... Continue Reading →

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