What’s new?

Not a lot.

I spent my day doing loads of washing, cleaning the spa and rescuing the kitchen from the throes of M’s creative woodwork. There are clamps in my kitchen where clamps were never meant to go…

Oh and last night I had my pussy photographed with a butterfly clit-stimulator for a friend’s webpage.

Yeah. Just a regular Thursday night.

Before it would have bothered me if anyone wanted to get all up close and personal with my pussy.

And it would have bothered me even more if I was less than perfectly smooth down there.

Now I’m a changed woman. I don’t care if it’s all wild kingdom down there and I’m sitting spread-eagled in a beanbag in front of the tv in the middle of the lounge room while someone snaps away with a camera.

Which I was….lol.

Actually it’s not the first time my pussy has been used for advertising purposes. There’s also a pic here on the webpage of the place where I got it pierced. (Warning: There are a lot of pics of female genitalia on that page, but anyone who can correctly guess which one is mine gets a shout-out in my next post!!!!)

I have to say that pic was really handy for showing my mum, M’s handywork….lol.

I’ve also done another Quirky Japan post here. It’s been a while since I had done one (a.k.a me not pulling my finger out of my ass) so apologies to anyone who actually lamented the lack of new quirky Japan posts…anyone?….ANYONE??



19 thoughts on “What’s new?

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  1. holy crap batman I have never been so intimidated by so much metallic pussy before…and I feel the need to totally pimp smack the idgits who got clit rings! Don’t they know how much risk there is in those!? And not just from the more than likely possibly loss of feeling in the best feeling part of their body!?!?!?!?! I need to go soothe my pussy now. It’s cramped up in fear again….

    1. Lol…I’m glad to hear that my pussy doesn’t scare you! Lol…I know there are some really scary ones there and actually looking through the pics, I feel really ‘normal’!

      I wonder if there’s a difference between the ones that have gone through child-birth and the ones that haven’t? I’d be curious to know…

      1. *checks* nope. Had a kid and as Master will tell you, I can still crush a full can of soda! Still looks the same as it did before πŸ˜›

        of course I do take rather good care of everything down there. I know some women…not so much. I’m also kinda anal about my kegals…heh…anal. πŸ˜›

          1. heh…should prolly explain that more. See Master has really weird compliments, truthful but still not your normal ones yanno. Sweet in His own odd way.

            He once told me that “you know, for as much experience as you’ve had….your still tight enough that I bet you could crush a full can of soda!”

            in essence what He said was “you may of fucked a lot of people but you’d never know by the amazingly well cared for state of your pussy muscles.”

            cheers Master, just cheers πŸ˜›

    1. Yeah, I seem to be having an identity crisis. I’m still not happy with it, but it’s getting there πŸ™‚

    1. Dear Lexi, you are so fabulous and you totally get a shout-out in my next post. I do truly admire your dedication to look through all those pics and ponder which one was mine. You rock πŸ™‚

  2. Helyeah, bring ’em on!
    I’ve actually been passing along the quirky Japan to a friend who’s going there in a couple of months.
    (Have I forgotten to thank you for making me a hero? How very remiss! Thanks, chica!)

  3. I’m not sure which pussy is yours, although I can work out which ones it’s not. The hideous scary looking ones. I didn’t think anyone could compete with NANNA, seems I was wrong. LOL

    YAY for Q.J posts. *runs off to read*

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