Tarts & tickets

I’ve got my ticket, have you got yours??

And I even went as far as paying the extra $2 online booking fee so I could reserve seats ahead of time…and for a frugal person like me, that just shows you how serious I am. (btw, can anyone explain to me why we have to pay more to pre-purchase tickets online which actually saves the cinema having to pay wages for more staff to be there to sell tickets???)

It’s a public holiday here on Monday so we’re off to see my movie event of the year, Sex and the City 2. I’ve successfully avoided seeing any trailers, reading any reviews and have changed the tv channel every time something came on even remotely related to the movie. As a result, I’m a blank canvas.

M is earning extra brownie points by accompanying me to see the ultimate chick flick. He might just get an extra long relaxation therapy session out of it to show him my appreciation 🙂

We went to yum cha for lunch today at the Welcome Inn Tea House in Northbridge. People had raved about it, but we only gave it a 6/10. It was disappointing but pretty on par for what we’ve come to expect from food in Perth i.e. expensive and quite mediocre. I suppose for 25 plates, $110 was not too bad,  but for lunch, come on, $110??? Many of the dishes came out cold and mostly the same thing over and over again. The squid tentacles were also quite greasy and there definitely wasn’t enough chilli on them.

The only thing I will say was excellent were their egg tarts. I think I would go there just for their egg tarts in future.

Tarts for the tart seems very appropriate.

Finally, a big, huge shout-out to Lexi who correctly guessed this as my pussy. I have to say she was very dedicated for taking up the challenge of combing through various pussies to identify mine. Lexi rocks 🙂


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    1. And don’t you think that’s kind of weird…in a you’re-a-friend-who-also-licks-me kind of way??? 🙂

  1. I went to the premiere night on Friday – a cinema FULL of women! Great fun, didn’t take D along for which he is eternally grateful (greatful?). Now I just have to watch #1…which I’ve somehow neglected to do since it’s release. xx

    1. I seriously don’t know where all the people were on Monday. Well actually I found out later they were all at Hilary’s! Lol.

      The first movie has its moments as does the second. I think I like the series better and in particular seasons 4 and 5.

      M actually didn’t mind the movie. I think he only slept through one little part 🙂

  2. How’d you like the movie?? I dragged my daughter there last Friday which was opening night. The theater was filled with women of all ages; not too many men! I loved the movie and had an excellent time. So did my daughter. (She is 19)

    1. I really liked it. In fact, I think I liked it more than the first movie – except for that awful, awful first 30mins with Liza Minelli. I liked how it was a bit gritty and I loved that scene with Miranda and Charlotte having drinks and confessing how bad they are as mothers (that bit made me cry…lol)

      I really don’t know why there were only like 10 people in the cinema when we saw it. We were just lucky I guess.

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