It’s not all about the whips and chains

It’s also about the cake:

Banana & walnut with buttercream icing to be exact

The pizza:

M's favourite bacon, egg & cheese (a.k.a an 'Aussie')

And the pie:

Chicken and leek with a shortcrust pastry top

As you can see, we spent our Sunday afternoon baking in our fabulous, working and finally installed oven. I can’t wait to get in and try my hand at some bread. Mmmm….bread 🙂


In my 6:30am ravishing this morning, I was informed that the period between 7pm and 10pm each night will now be known as the ‘booting hours’ and boots are required to be worn.

I was also informed that henny-penny fashion was no longer going to be tolerated in the house and that I was required to be naked or in slut wear – no comfy clothes, no pjs, no ugg boots.

Looks like I’ll be stoking the fire to furnace levels so I don’t freeze my tits off for the rest of the winter.

Notes to self:

  • Being dragged from my bed in the pre-dawn darkness by my hair is not because M has made a special breakfast for me – there may be something going in my mouth but it ain’t food
  • If my pussy hair is long enough to grab, it needs to be removed or he will tug on it at every available opportunity
  • A slap accross the face can sometimes hurt less than tmj in pre-dawn relaxation sessions
  • Standing too close to the heater with exposed pussy rings in post-ravishing,  pre-dawn freezingness is a sure way of inflicting a self-brand

(There’s also a new post in the Quirky Japan (57-59) if you haven’t already seen it. Yes, I’ve been a busy girl *nods*)


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