Better late than never

It's four months overdue, but meh....I've finally done Part 1 of our Japan trip taken earlier this year. I apologise if you've already read M's triplog, but I figure it's been several months and you've probably already forgotten it, so here it is again! Lol. I'm guessing it will take four or five parts to... Continue Reading →


I've had a busy week. There were some dramas at work so I ended up working straight through without my usual days off and I'm feeling it. The house is also feeling it because it looks like a brothel. Not that there are any scantily clad women lounging around the place, just that there isn't a... Continue Reading →


I’d been wanting to see this movie for a quite while. Remember that Japanese movie that everyone was talking about at the academy awards? And that one that won the award for the best foreign film? That’s the one I’m talking about. I had my reservations about sitting through yet another woefully acted, ridiculously scripted... Continue Reading →

Should I be worried?

I had a text message from my sister with the following photo of my niece's doll attached and the question, "Should I be worried?" I said, "Just as long as she's safe, sane and consensual, everything will be fine. Oh, and make sure she's got some safety scissors for a quick release." *beams at giving... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of kitten Part 3

After work, I normally walk to the station: Admiring some pelicans on the way: And take the train to the city, then catch a bus home: But this day, I decided to go shopping after work as it was late-night shopping Thursday when the shops stay open until 9pm. So I caught a bus to the... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of kitten Part 2

After my enforced exercise pleasant walk to work, I arrive at my office and this is where the excitement of my day really ramps up a notch or two (*insert appropriate sarcastic tone*): Turn on my computer: Make myself a cup of green tea in my beyond-stained cup: And think about ways to amuse myself... Continue Reading →

It all started with dick

There I was this morning, walking along the river to my office in the early hours of post-dawn chill when I came face to face with dick - or is that dick to face? I just love a bit of random nudity from strangers in the morning, don't you? Halfway along the bike path I normally... Continue Reading →

Daddy in dom’s clothing

I had a thought last night while making dinner for M. I'd spent the day doing his washing, changing his sheets, running the dishwasher and sweeping up his little trail of peanut shells on the floor. I did a lot of things that day for myself as well like going for my run and getting... Continue Reading →


M has been saying that he's having very vivid dreams ever since we moved my cage into his bedroom during the vanilla clean-up of the house due to my boss coming around for lunch. It's been one of his fantasies since he was young 'un. He told me how he'd fantasize about having a girl... Continue Reading →

I’m tired…

I got a little bit carried away today: I think I'll go to bed now, kthxbai! Oh, before I go, I made Japanese chicken curry for dinner and ate it with my 16 grains and cereals rice. It was scrummy (and a lot nicer than our Japanese last night.)


One of the perks (I guess you could call it that) of my job is that there are only two people in the office - with one of them being me. This means that when the other person - also known as my boss - is away, it's just me, myself and I in the office. So... Continue Reading →

Thinking aloud

That's pretty much what I use my blog for -  thinking 'aloud'. I find it useful to get the thoughts that are buzzing around my brain out of my head and into something else. If I didn't get the thoughts out every so often, I'm pretty sure that something would break inside me. I just... Continue Reading →

It’s just not doing it for me

Slavery. It's just not doing it for me. I try...but it gets me nowhere. These past few weeks, I've been trying Experiment in Slavery #587 and to be honest, I still suck at being a slave and I still feel like it's a whole heap of hooey. No matter what I do, I'm just not... Continue Reading →

This ain’t Disneyland, Toto

I like to look in my spam box every now and then and this is what I found most recently: Apparently my post about having an itchy twat had a pingback from people enquiring about amusement parks close to Disneyland and raspberry tea and my cervix have something in common. Can anyone explain the connection... Continue Reading →

Clean? living?

I was in the mood for something 'earthy' for dinner and a quick rummage through the pantry revealed my yet to be tried 'jyurokkoku gohan' sachets that you simply add to the pot when you're cooking your regular rice. Jyurokkoku literally means 'sixteen grains & cereals' and just for the insatiable curious folk, the sixteen... Continue Reading →

Clean living

I spent a large part of my day cleaning an exhaust fan cover with a toothpick. Yes, my dear readers that can mean only one thing....I'm expecting guests. And after angsting about it for a week and coming to two different decisions on two different days, I finally made the decision to add my boss... Continue Reading →

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