Clean living

I spent a large part of my day cleaning an exhaust fan cover with a toothpick. Yes, my dear readers that can mean only one thing….I’m expecting guests.

And after angsting about it for a week and coming to two different decisions on two different days, I finally made the decision to add my boss to the list of invitees to the bbq. This will mean that the house will have to be vanilla-ized between now and Sunday lunchtime.

So the KY gel on the hallway table, the cage in the living room, the buttplugs and dildo in the bathroom and the St. Andrews cross that is the focal feature of the garden will all need to be suitably hidden. Yeah, the sacrifices one must make for guests.

But actually I’m looking forward to having people over – which is a rarity for me. I’m hoping that talking to different people will help me get out of the funk and will give me something else to put my mind on

In other clean news, I’d like to announce that I’ve been clean for five straight days. Five days that featured no bingeing* , wearing different clothes to work and attempting to be more positive about life in general. I’ve even got myself a calendar and a big, fat marker pen so I can cross off each day of ‘clean living’ to give myself some incentive. (Yes, I’m also the sort of person who is also motivated by gold stars.)

One day at a time baby.

I’ve had a distinct lack of butt plugs and ass-fucking with Mr Pink this week which I think has also contributed to my generally better mental health situation. I mean, we all know that LOPUMAs (lumps of plastic up my ass) give me a SAD, so a day without a LOPUMA is a good day in my books.

Another thing that has contributed to my positive feelings is that I’ve had a slight run on getting freebie stuff. The frugal gene in me LOVES freebie stuff so it’s very cosmically soothing to get:

A free block of chocolate waiting for me in the mailbox

Mmmm...dark chocolate

A free mars bar…or five. We bought ten and got five free ones in return

And I grew a ‘free’ tomato

(I’ll just conveniently forget that I spent at least $200 on assorted soil, fertilizer, shade cloth and seeds and all I got out of it was a two centimetre high funky tomato and some stunted lettuce.)

All we need now is some free money. Mmm…now that would cheer me up.

* I have to use this spelling because I just can’t cope with spelling it like ‘binging’.


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  1. I spent a truly ridiculous amount of time yesterday doing dishes. Like, scrubbing and seasoning the cast iron style doing dishes. And I’m not having anyone over but some kids I’m babysitting.

    (There will be six kids in my house today. I’m mad.)

  2. aka: fyrespryte
    I’m only going to mention this once, because I don’t want to come off to people that I know as a food evangelist, but I am going to mention it because you talk about your struggles with food and weight freely.

    I recently started a new way of eating, using the guidelines of a book called the Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson. It’s eating very similar to the paleo diet…which is low carb, high fat, protein appropriate to your lean body mass. It’s unlike other low carb diets like Atkins and Southbeach because it also focuses on total nutrition and eating whole foods. (No artificial sweeteners or processed foods). There is a huge emphasis on making sure that you’re getting enough of the correct nutrients through either supplementation, or your food. There are a few nutrients…thinks like magnesium and vitamin D that nearly EVERYONE is deficient in, because our modern lifestyles just don’t provide them.

    The reason I mention that is because between getting the correct amount of omega 3’s, vitamin D and a few other nutrients you’d be AMAZED at how that will affect depression, anxiety, ocd tendencies and that tendency that we both have to over-analyze and angst over everything. (You don’t realize that that isn’t actually a normal state to be in until you realize that you haven’t angsted over anything in days…and it’s because you’re eating healthier.)

    There are a few reasons that I think that you’d enjoy at least checking it out. 1. You guys like to cook. People who embrace this way of eating actually become even more serious foodies, just because the food is so good and there are so many options once you wrap your brain around not eating certain foods. 2. You can be really laid back with it, or you can be super strict and make it a hobby. I think this would speak to your OCD tendencies…but instead of freaking out about calories and weighing food and whatnot, you can focus on hacks that matter like making sure you’re getting the right ratio’s of fat, protein and carbs…as well as the nutrients that your body needs. 3. this lifestyle is against chronic cardio and working out too much. People are losing weight with minimal amounts of working out and the workouts that they’re doing are actually fun, challenging and easily sustainable. 4. there’s an 80/20 rule which means that there’s room for a few foods that you absolutely adore and just can’t see yourself giving up.

    Ok…that’s all I’m going to write about it. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to check it out. is his website where he has a daily blog (which has TONS of quality, researched information) and there is a forum with really helpful and friendly people. Perhaps a 30 day try out?

    1. I’ve been thinking that perhaps I need a multivitamin for a while now, but haven’t actually gotten around to buying any. I checked out that site. It reminded me terribly of this and I’ve read that book and even listened to the motivational CD. Thanks for the info though 🙂

      1. Well, they are similar except that they eat grains and we don’t. Thanks for the link though, I’ve already found some good looking recipes in their forum. Way too commercial and “motivational speaker” for my tastes too. That vibe isn’t present at MDA at all. A multivitamin will probably help, but unless you address other things that you won’t get in a multi, it’s probably not going to have much effect on your emotional stress.

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