Clean? living?

I was in the mood for something ‘earthy’ for dinner and a quick rummage through the pantry revealed my yet to be tried ‘jyurokkoku gohan’ sachets that you simply add to the pot when you’re cooking your regular rice. Jyurokkoku literally means ‘sixteen grains & cereals’ and just for the insatiable curious folk, the sixteen grains & cereals are: germinated brown rice, black rice, red rice, black beans, azuki beans, oats, black sesame, white sesame, quinoa, corn, amaranth, common millet, foxtail millet, Japanese millet, sorghum & Job’s tears.

Who knew there were so many different types of millet...

I decided to continue the earthy theme with seasoned burdock root, simmered black seaweed with chickpeas, fish & soya bean patties and spinach miso soup.

It was all seriously earthy in lots of ridiculously yummy ways.

Continuing with my health-kick I also started the c25k programme yesterday. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a programme designed to get people who aren’t runners, running! Over nine weeks of interval sessions (20-30min three times a week) it takes you from the couch to 5km. I downloaded the funky free podrunner interval podcasts and I’ll be doing day 2 of week 1 tomorrow.

Yeah, feel the burn, baby.

The luncheon on Sunday went well. Except after spending stoopid amounts of time cleaning things that no-one ever looks at, I had a total mortification moment when my boss followed me into our legendary Room of Crap™ . I went to get him the spare tv that we don’t use anymore and specifically told him to wait in the kitchen while I went to get it, but what does the guy do? Follow me into the fucking Room of Crap™.

The reason the room is so legendary is because every square centimetre of the room is covered with crap. It actually looks like one of those places out of the tv show Hoarders. And yes, it really is that scary.

Up until about an hour ago I also had my collar on. It went back on my neck on Sunday night after everyone had left and was supposed to come off last night, but because I had innocently asked whether it was coming off or not, it stayed on for another night. Apparently asking and whining are similar concepts in Master’s mind. I actually asked him what the difference was and he said, and I quote:

Anything that reduces my pleasure is whining.

(And if they ain’t words of wisdom from a domly one’s mouth, I don’t know what are.)

It seems like he’s on some sort of mission to somehow ‘reduce’ me into pliability. As soon as I question something or show even a hint of non-compliance, ‘lessons’ for learning seem to peer their ugly heads over the horizon. It’s an interesting method and one with endless opportunities for mind-fucks.

The first mind–fuck was not long after the collar was removed when suddenly out of nowhere he demanded, ‘Go fetch the collar bitch!‘ I, of course, assumed he wanted me to fetch it because he wanted to put it back on and so I put up a fight – an opinionated fight in which I started to vocalise my issues with the collar and why it was still ‘too early’ for it to go back on.

Of course, M wasn’t intending to put it back on then. He just wanted a demonstration of blind obedience to put me in my place.

And so the place-putting has been continuing at various degrees: ask about something and it stays on longer, don’t do something and you end up doing it anyway.

It’s all very interestink.

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  1. ooh the c25k thingy looks similar to something i have started that i read in Women’s Health magazine (though i have to confess i have only been once this week!) It’s an interval running thingy based on time rather than distance e.g. week one is 5 mins walk for warm-up then 2 mins run, 3 mins walk (repeat 6 times) then 5 mins cool down walk. Week 2 in 3 mins walk/3 mins run x 5 and so on…
    Is it kinda like that???

    I have been loving it, but getting a bit carried away because it feels like you can go on indefinitely Lol! Week 2 I was doing 10x instead of 5 but then my sciatic nerve started shitting me 😦

    More info on the running program pretty please 🙂

    (food looks super-scrummy – especially the chick peas mmmmmmm)

    1. You can see the whole programme here:

      It sounds similar to the thing that was in the magazine. Week 1 is 5min warm-up walk, then 60seconds of jogging & 90 seconds of walking repeated for 20mins and Week 2 90 seconds of jogging and 2mins of walking repeated. Each week the amount of jogging goes up.

      Food was so yummy I almost cried…lol. 🙂

      1. it does look really similar. thanks for the linky-link. we’ll have to compare progress notes 😉

        i’ve been soooo slack this past week…it’s too damn cold and all i wanna do is eeeeat. pft. 😦

        1. I’m proud to say I’ve finished Week one and I’m actually looking forward to week two! How sick and twisted is that??? It’s probably too early to say that I’m a convert to running, but the intervals definitely make things easier. They say week five is the killer one, so I guess we shall see!

  2. I’ll be eating McDonald’s for dinner tonight, which is about as far from earthy and clean as it is possible to get without starting to consume non-comestibles like Tupperware.

    Good luck with the C25K. I gave it a go last autumn because I’ve always wanted to think of myself as a runner, but my malformed heels and ankles were refusing to hear any of it. Getting halfway through the program and realizing my left foot had lost sensation was a bit of a giveaway that when medical specialists tell me to avoid high-impact exercise they mean it.

    I wish I could say that will prevent me from trying again once the weather cools down, but it won’t. I’m an idiot.

  3. Lol@ idiot. I thought we both decided you were mad 🙂 *nods*

    McDonalds has its moments, but I’ve decided I’m a Burger King girl *nods*

    How about swimming or something low-impact like that?

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