This ain’t Disneyland, Toto

I like to look in my spam box every now and then and this is what I found most recently:

Apparently my post about having an itchy twat had a pingback from people enquiring about amusement parks close to Disneyland and raspberry tea and my cervix have something in common.

Can anyone explain the connection to me?


I didn’t think so.

It’s a cold, wet, miserable day here and I’m thinking that I won’t be venturing outside to run. Actually, I’m thinking I won’t be moving more than three metres from the wood fire to do anything. Good thing my iMac is now located two metres from the fire allowing me to bring you this post from the letters ‘s’ for, ‘my blog stats are depressingly low because I’ve not been posting’ and ‘a’ for, ‘no angst means very few comments on my blog’…lol…true story.

Anyway, I’ve done a quirky Japan post here.

Go forth and read quirky people of the world.

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