M has been saying that he’s having very vivid dreams ever since we moved my cage into his bedroom during the vanilla clean-up of the house due to my boss coming around for lunch.

It’s been one of his fantasies since he was young ‘un. He told me how he’d fantasize about having a girl tied up under his bed and I guess that has stayed with him throughout the years.

He is still enamoured with the idea of chaining me to the bottom of his bed just so I’m within ‘arms reach’ a.k.a cock sucking range. I’ve done the sleeping on the floor chained to the bottom of the bed thing in the past and I have to say two things about it:

1) It’s uncomfortable

2) It’s very uncomfortable

(This is the point where you should remind yourself that I’m a spoiled princess who has her own bed and bedroom and has never been very slave-like.)

I’ve also done the sleeping over night in the cage thing and I have two things to say about that too:

1) It sucked

2) It sucked in a bad way

(This is the point where you should just skip down to the new quirky Japan post link if you’re sick of reading about me whining because there is much more yet to come.)

Actually the being kept chained somewhere thing has been one of my fantasies as well. I used to read a blog (that no longer exists) written by a lady who spent some time as a call girl working for her owners. There was a time when she refused to go with a particular client because he gave her the creeps and so she was caged for about a week, being let out for toilet breaks, exercise and periodic beatings. It was a hot story and one I wished I’d kept a copy of before it disappeared from the innernets forever.

It’s the old fantasy-is-hotter-than-reality thing though and I reminded M that while I’m caged or chained up somewhere he has make his own coffee, get his own remote control and look after the fire. I think the thought of him actually having to do stuff took a little bit of the shine off his fantasy.

Anyway, I got productive this morning and churned out another quirky Japan post here and this afternoon I’m off to buy gadgets – specifically a popcorn-maker that I’ve been lusting after for several months and quite possibly one of those Dutch pancake-maker thingies that I’m going to try and use to make octopus balls.

Nothing is going to come between me and my balls.

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  1. I wouldn’t have the “actually having to do stuff” problem because I like doing things myself. For me, a slave/sub would be more about “fun” than “everyday convenience/service”. Sometimes deliberate self-inconvenience can even be fun if done right. On the other hand, locking someone in a cage under my bed isn’t my idea of “fun”.

  2. Hey doll! How are you? I heard through devious channels (and a year later) that you had semi-mentioned me and my long-ago (but never forgotten) experience in a long-ago cage with a long-ago (and justifiably forgotten) former Master, so I just had to peek in and say hello. So HELLO! I haven’t *quite* disappeared forever from the innernetz (close though), so I thought I’d include the link for you:


    All my old LJ posts are still there, darling, but they’re friends-locked now, so you’ll have to log into your LJ to see it, if you’re really interested. I peeked at your blog and I see you’re no longer a slave. Times change, don’t they, even subtle times! 🙂 I’m still a slave and a wife and a mom, and we’re in the middle of a baby boom here at the Hexagon, so Baby No. 4 arrives this summer (not via *my* loins, thank God, but she’ll be my baby too).

    I don’t know if and when you might ever see this little note, but it’s been lovely coming across you again! Say hello sometime, if it falls to hand. Till then, good wishes.


    1. OMG!! What a blast from the past! I had no idea you were still blogging and I’m super-excited to hear from you.

      You ‘heard’ that I’d mentioned you…wow…this innernets place really is small…or is it just that this M/sD/s whatever-the-crap-you-do world is so small.

      I’m not quite sure what I am at the moment. Life has kind of bitten me on the bum and I find it very hard to get back into that headspace.
      I’m also writing this while I’m bored at Singapore airport, so that’s an indication of just how much life intrudes these days.

      Anyway, so happy to hear that things in your world are blooming and wonderful. I promise to stop by and get all hot and juicy over your blogs – both past and present.

  3. It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it 🙂 Like they say. I do know a little about that bitten on the bum thing, doll, around here it’s babies who’ve bitten all our bums. But they’re pretty cute little bum biters, we’re even having another one. Life certainly DOES intrude! I haven’t posted on LJ in years, so there’s nothing new to see there, juicy or otherwise. (I do have a Tumblr, oddly enough. But it’s only indirectly about me.) I miss LJ and “living” online, a lot sometimes–I miss doing what you do, and do so well, letting us inside your life and your head (and body too), just a little, enough to matter. I really do miss doing all that. But I’d need 36-hour days now and even if I found a reliable supply of those, the kids would still use up all 36 hours every day. But I do love rediscovering you, darling! I’ll keep dropping by when I can steal another moment.

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