A Day in the Life of kitten Part 2

After my enforced exercise pleasant walk to work, I arrive at my office and this is where the excitement of my day really ramps up a notch or two (*insert appropriate sarcastic tone*):

Which used to be a hospital and is apparently haunted

Turn on my computer:

Yes, my desk is actually this clean

Make myself a cup of green tea in my beyond-stained cup:

Yes, my cup is actually this dirty

And think about ways to amuse myself – which sometimes means opening the cleaning cupboard:

And marvelling at how anal people can be about plastic bags:

Plastic bag origami

Then I send a billion emails, make pretty invoices, answer the occasional phonecall and before I know it, it’s lunch time:

Which I eat sitting at my desk because I have no official 'lunch time'

After lunch I poke my head outside:

Pity the office has no outward-facing windows...

And take out the recycling:

Have I mentioned how rewarding my work is?? Lol...

Then I send another bazillion emails, make some pretty spreadsheets and do some Japanese study if I’m alone:

I feel like I'm back in high school

In between all of this, I’ll make several trips to the toilet thanks to the numerous cups of tea I’ve had during the day:

Reading material is a necessity

And while on the toilet I enjoy checking out local real estate:

Penthouse apartment for $2.15 million anyone?

Then it’s time to go home!

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of kitten Part 2

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  1. its really interesting to see what your daily life looks like actually. Reading your blog and about your feelings on things, I kinda always wonder what you see outside your window etc. =)

    oh, and this is just a funny link that reminded me ok your quirky japan posts that i always love. I guess its pretty weird to leave links in your blog comments, sorry! http://d.hatena.ne.jp/shiinaneko/20100715/1279252548

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