It all started with dick

There I was this morning, walking along the river to my office in the early hours of post-dawn chill when I came face to face with dick – or is that dick to face?

I just love a bit of random nudity from strangers in the morning, don’t you?

Halfway along the bike path I normally walk on there is a branch that takes you on a more scenic route away from the freeway and closer to the river. I always take the longer path on the branch because I’m a masochist I always have time to kill and near the end of it there is a boat launching space and carpark.

There this morning were two gentlemen butt-naked attempting to get changed into wetsuits. And one of them was mighty hairy, I must say.

All the bike riders zoom along the shorter path and there’s never anyone on the scenic route. I guess that’s why the guys thought it would be ‘safe’ to get back to nature there. But I had to laugh because the hairy guy had an already changed friend waiting for him in the car and as I appeared from behind the bushes he felt the need to toot his horn so all my attention would be focussed on Mr. Hairy as he stumbled around with feet trapped in his wetsuit and nowhere to hide.

What is it they say about friends fucking you over?

So it’s my second-last day of chilling in the office alone. It’s been nice and I’ve quite enjoyed not having to make conversation. These last few days I brought my camera with me to work and have snapped a few pics of my day to share.

(I was very tempted to snap a picture of Mr Hairy too, but I restrained myself. I wouldn’t actually want to inflict that sort of cruel and unusual punishment on anyone.)

A Day in the Life of kitten Part 1

I start my day very glamourously at 6am with a heater and ugg slippers:

Then I get dressed in appropriate bogan wear when alone in office:

Also known as comfy walking clothes...

Then I chow down on porridge and have a caffeine hit in front of the iMac:

Yes, my screensaver is melon bread

M and I leave the house at 7am and hit the freeway heading towards the city:

School holiday traffic - the only time Perthites can merge

We pass through the city and head south over a couple of rivers and bridges:

M drops me off and continues onto his office and I start walking back the 6kms to my office:

It was 2 degrees this particular morning

I walk back along the river and under the bridge I crossed in the car 10 minutes earlier:

 Then I walk over the bridge:

And admire the view of a lone kayaker:

Then I walk to another bridge and cross over it and walk under it:

I was a little disturbed when I first discovered this was wooden and supports six lanes of traffic on a busy highway

Then I admire the firetree in bloom:

And the pair of sleeping black swans in the aptly named Swan River:

Then I loop around the yacht club and head back to my office:

Sometimes I walk up the other side of the river and look at the old and new houses:

1960's house and 2010 Mc Mansion

And I laugh at the houses of the rich and tasteless:

My winner of the I-have-money-but-no-taste award

A block of land in this area will set you back a cool couple of million dollars without a house on it so there is some serious money here. Apparently having oodles of money also allows you to have a fantastic mailbox:

Frill-necked lizard mailbox

to be continued…

4 thoughts on “It all started with dick

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  1. whats your bowl doing on your desk? i thought you ate from a bowl on the floor?

    pics look great, got a laugh about naked mr hairy, have a good day

    1. Lol…nah…the bowl on the floor stuff went out my window when I said it wasn’t working for me anymore the other week. No mr naked hairy this morning and I was disappointed!

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