A Day in the Life of kitten Part 3

After work, I normally walk to the station:

Thay have such inventive station names...

Admiring some pelicans on the way:

And take the train to the city, then catch a bus home:

Except usually it's an old smelly bus without air-con not this nice bus

But this day, I decided to go shopping after work as it was late-night shopping Thursday when the shops stay open until 9pm.

So I caught a bus to the city:

I always get embarrassed to 'hail' a bus so I like other people to do it

Admired the handiwork of destructive teenagers:

Scratching windows is the graffiti of choice in Perth

Then changed buses:

I'm trying to figure out whether I think the new coke ad slogan is stupid or not

And went through the city:

It's not all this pretty

To get to the shopping centre:

Where I purchased my popcorn maker for $16 and dutch pancake maker a.k.a an octopus ball maker for $22:

Then M picked me up and we drove home together in the 5:45pm traffic:

My first task when I get home is to make the man coffee:

Extra milky with the milk poured in before the hot water

Then bring in wood from the garage:

I've whittled our 3t woodpile down by half...

And light the fire:

I'm still a bit scared by matches, but I love the smell

For dinner this night I had roast chicken and veggies:

A little bit of Japanese mayo makes everything yummy

After that I usually spend the rest of the night being his fetch and carry bitch, tending the fire, watching tv and doing some more Japanese study before going to bed about 9:30pm or so.

Three times a week I also do my training for the city to surf after I get home, so I go for another 6km jog/walk before dinner.

And that was my day…rivetting stuff, hey?

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