Notes to self a.k.a. TMI? never heard of it…

  • Always remember to rinse the bathtub out after removing amazonian-like pubic hair with Nair – the next day it will be even scarier

  • Don’t start a new week of running by running up a hill – no matter how much of a gentle slope it appears to be


  • One helping of curry is sufficient – don’t go back for more regardless of your feelings towards getting your ‘money’s worth’ at a buffet


  • Heating a room to 27 degrees in winter is over-kill – the sweat running down your back should be an immediate indicator


  • When the man says he needs nakedness and boots for ‘medical reasons’ remind him that the doctor made a mistake ordering a post-vasectomy sperm count test and there is no longer any need to fill the sample jar


  • Scratching your newly-emerging and very prickly pubes while jogging along walking paths with lots of people on them is never a good idea – it hurts them more than it hurts you

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