Should I be worried?

I had a text message from my sister with the following photo of my niece’s doll attached and the question, “Should I be worried?”

I said, “Just as long as she’s safe, sane and consensual, everything will be fine. Oh, and make sure she’s got some safety scissors for a quick release.”

*beams at giving sage advice*

I was probably the same age when I started tying myself up and building lego prisons. I wonder if it’s genetic?

3 thoughts on “Should I be worried?

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  1. alarm bells should be going off..
    one thing to play hair dresser and cut the hair.
    but to cut of fingers and tape the mouth shut thats another thing.
    wonder where a little girl at a young age learns that? I would be worried if it was one of mine…

  2. Lol…the assorted battery is a result of dog gnawing and being left outside over a period of years. I highly doubt a bit of sticky tape is the precursor to a serial killer…

  3. Of course not. It looks to me l ike she is prepping the doll for surgery. Very caring…

    Oh and yes, I do believe sexual preferences are genetical (multifactoral we call it, meaning it depends on a lot of criteria to actualy show the behaviour in question, but there probably will be a preference in behaviour) No way of telling if the neice will love to be a slave too. Thank God. She’ll make her own choice.

    Love Anne

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