Better late than never

It’s four months overdue, but meh….I’ve finally done Part 1 of our Japan trip taken earlier this year.

I apologise if you’ve already read M’s triplog, but I figure it’s been several months and you’ve probably already forgotten it, so here it is again! Lol.

I’m guessing it will take four or five parts to get through it all as we packed a lot into our two weeks – well, I packed a lot into our two weeks and into our suitcases on the way home. I’ll try and keep the parts coming.


6 thoughts on “Better late than never

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  1. I’m loving the Japan recount! And I gotta say I have not seen an airline serve actual food like that in a good 10 years.

    1. I think the worst airplane food I’ve ever had has been with Qantas! Their redeeming feature is that they always serve ice cream…lol.

      1. i’m a vegetarian from way back and i absolutely LOVED the food on Malaysian Airlines – so much better than ANY of the others I’ve tried (and there have been many!)

        1. The lasagna was fabulous. KL to Tokyo was a bit disappointing though as it was just a plate of veggies and was a bit bland. I wonder the pic of that got too???

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