I’m on a roll

Well, the weekend is over and another week begins. It’s my mother’s birthday today and being a really crap daughter, I forgot it. To be 100% honest I didn’t ‘forget’ it per se, I just got it confused with my grandmother’s birthday that is exactly a week later. All week M had been reminding me about whose birthday it was by saying, ‘Who comes first? Mother or daughter?’ and so I did the daughterly duty and sent a card to my grandmother last week and planned to send a card to my mother this week.

Then Saturday night my sister sent me a picture on her phone of the birthday cake she’d made for my mother and I was thinking, “Oh, crap!”. Apparently we’d incorrectly recorded the birthdays on M’s calendar and now it was too late to do anything about it. At least my grandmother is going to get her card nice and early…lol.

But I didn’t feel right about it, so I coughed up some cash and ordered my mother some flowers online and hopefully they’ll be delivered today while she is at work. I would have sent her a stripper or something, except boys don’t do it for her and I’m guessing she’d rather not be outed at work.

I’ve never remembered any birthdays in my family except my sister’s. Instead I have them written down on a sheet of paper that I’ve carried with me to Japan and back again. Unfortunately the flaw in that cunning plan is that it actually requires me to look at the piece of paper with enough time to send a card and have it arrive before their birthday has come and gone. That’s the part I often fail at. You’d think in this day and age I’d have them all recorded in my phone or ipod or something, wouldn’t you? Too easy. That sort of shit just doesn’t work for someone with an endurance kink.

Oh, I’ve also done Part 2 of the Japan trip.  Now I remember why I didn’t immediately do the blogs about our Japan visit after we came back – trawling through 3500 photos takes a shit long time!


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  1. I’m so hopeless with birthdays. I remember exactly two, Mum and my sister because if I was to forget I would be dead.

    I can’t remember anyone elses and that includes my own and my dear Sir. He however remembers mine and then I go OMG OOPS.
    I also can’t remember how old I am and one night had myself convinced I was 30 (I’m over 40) but couldn’t work out how I could be 30 going on my parents ages etc. Many many hours later I remembered how old I really was. PMSL

    I’m so dumb it’s not funny, well actually it is.

    Sorry I’m just rambling on in your blog.

    Now off to read part two. YAYYYYYYYYYY

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