I pugged so much I got a pug!

Awwww…isn’t he cute?

Kaya got a dog, and so did I 🙂 *beams*

I excitedly told M this morning that I only needed to group with nine more people in order to get my special perky pug companion on WoW. I’m pretty sure I saw his eyes glaze over while he was driving…but anyway, even his lack of enthusiasm isn’t enough to dampen my mood about finally getting this little guy.

After I got home from work I finally got another nine people together and there he was waiting for me in my mailbox.

I also bought a lovely red ribbon leash and some pet treats that make him happy. Maybe I’ll get a grooming kit and a ball to play fetch with him next.

He also has a very endearing habit of rubbing his bum along the ground and then sniffing his trail, which, at this point, I still find totally adorable.

<insert obvious jokes about a crazy woman with cats>

Japan Part 7 is also up  – just in case you thought I was totally a lost cause…

P.S And you know what I love about the pug the most? The fact that it is a pug…In WoW-land ‘pug’ stands for ‘pick up group’ and refers to when you randomly get a group of people together to do a dungeon, or raid. Isn’t it great that you get a pug for pugging??? Am I the only person who finds that really clever?

<insert obvious jokes about a language nerd with cats>

P.PS I haven’t decided on a name for him yet. Thoughts?


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