When topics fail, there are always search terms…

Actually, I’ve got a few things to blog about – deep, meaningful topics and the like –  but I just don’t know where to start. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration over the next few days.

In the meantime, part 8 of the never-ending Japan saga is up.


6 thoughts on “When topics fail, there are always search terms…

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  1. This made me giggle, maybe I should do one of these. My search terms range from the hyterical to the bizarre, not to mention the ones just don’t make any sense what so ever. I mean when I have written anything about “which is bigger my cock or yours”?


    1. Funnily enough I don’t EVER recall writing about a cunt upside down cake either…. And I’m pretty sure I would remember it, if I did write about it.

      Search terms are so funny. I look at them everyday and I never fail to be amused 🙂

  2. As I don’t want the Japan series to end, this is very good news!

    (And I also look forward to your upcoming post on “The Recovery Position and How It Can Best Be Utilized To Achieve Purdy Boobs” – because I know you’ll make us proud…)

    1. You know, that is a GREAT title for a post!


      But the only thing I’d have to say about it would be that I have been in the recovery position but that did nothing for my boobs…lol.

  3. “Car-sized anime boobs”? Good thing they’re not real breasts, because at that size they’d either turn into car-sized masses of rotting flesh due to lack of blood, or else the woman who had them would soon die of heart failure.

  4. Yeah, totally bizarre search term. But I am curious if there actually is an anime character with car-sized boobs…

    *runs off to google*

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