Because I suck at segues…

…I bring you points.

  • I did my tax today – w00t. I think it’s the earliest I’ve ever done it and I’m getting a refund. The only thing tarnishing the shine of it all is the fact that the only reason I’m receiving a refund is because I earned sweet fuck-all.
  • Segue is my new favourite word.
  • True Blood Season 3 started tonight. You know everything is right with the world when you hear the line, ‘I’m not in the mood for lesbian weirdness tonight’. You also know everything is right with the world when you see a nekkid Eric pounding the crap out of chick with her arms tied to posts and a collar around her neck… Is it hot in here or is my pussy on FIRE?
  • Last week at work we moved all the furniture around and now my desk is in a position whereby my boss can always see my computer screen. I’m yet to decide how much this sucks and if it sucks really badly, I might suddenly have a feng shui attack and decide that a big pile of stuff needs to be positioned on my desk so I can still look at fetlife have a better energy flow.
  • I ran for an hour straight today – I think I broke myself doing it though. It’s a week to the 12km run of pain and I have a feeling I’m going to be so broken after it that not even chocolate will bring me back. Why-oh-why did I ever get it into my head to do this stupid thing? I also dragged M around every electrical store in a 15km radius for 3 hrs on Saturday looking for an armband for my ipod. Which, because it’s not a touch, is like looking for the holy fucking grail. I’ve decided I need music to get through the run of pain because running is fucking boring. What do people do to amuse themselves? There is only so much time I can spend in my head before I need a stiff drink and a valium.
  • They’ve decided not to renew M’s contract at work, so in approximately 2 weeks (if nothing comes up in the meantime) we’ll be a 0.5 income household  and I’ll be asking for more hours at my sucky job.
  • My job will be slightly less sucky from tomorrow though, because along with the rearrangement of the furniture, I also scored a new computer, a purple calculator (squee!) and a rocking foot stand with massaging nodules. Unfortunately, the OS is Windoze 7. Hopefully it will be less dozey than my Windoze XP that took approximately 5 minutes for every click, but it will remain to be seen. At least with the new arrangement I’m closer to the window so throwing the heap of shit out of it if it’s only half as annoying as my previous computer will be much easier.
  • I watched my first episode of Glee… do I need to say more?

One thought on “Because I suck at segues…

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  1. You can segue into anything quite elegantly. All you need to do is say “Speaking of segues…” and not be afraid of sounding like an ass.

    That sucks about M’s job. I hope something comes through in the next few days.

    Windows 7 is surprisingly nice, once you get used to it.

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