101 ways my boss drives me crazy

I just wanted to report that I’m alive, but that my boss may soon not be. I just knew I shouldn’t have taken home the mallet I used to put together the new shelving unit yesterday….

His anal frugality and childish-ness is slowly making me want to kill him. M suggested I start a, ‘101 ways my boss drives me crazy’ blog. I thought that was a pretty good idea at first, but now I’m thinking that 101 won’t nearly be enough.

Case 1 – Just use a fucking envelope!

While I’m always  happy to recycle, taping up a half-torn envelope, drawing a line through the address and then drawing a big arrow with a marker pen pointing to the address on the back is not a good way to send business letters. That’s why we have a drawer full of shiny envelopes and pretty labels that cost 5c each. Considering we send like 10 letters a year, I’d suggest using them.

Case 2 – Just buy some fucking shelves!

Cardboard and masking tape are never good mediums for building shelves for heavy objects. Buying $30 shelves from IKEA or Kmart is so much easier.

Case 3 – Just use fucking Outlook!

He’s got this thing against Microsoft, and I can totally understand that, but when Windows 7 doesn’t like your geeky, text-based Japanese email programme, just get over it and use Outlook (which, by the way, you ended up paying extra for when you purchased Office…) There is no point huffing and puffing like a six-year old when no-one can read your emails.

Case 4 – Don’t do fucking origami with the plastic bags!

Just put them in the drawer….please!

Case 5 – Shut the fuck up!

Good news in an email doesn’t require you to suddenly bang your arms on the desk,  shout, ‘Yosshaaaaa!’ and give me a fucking heart-attack. Are you 31 or 13?

To be continued as he continues to annoy the crap out of me…

P.S Did I mention I’m pmsing something fierce?


2 thoughts on “101 ways my boss drives me crazy

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh 101 ways, this is going to be interesting. By the time you reach 101 I reckon your boss will be dead….. lol

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