Ten foods that changed my life

These foods are things I ate at some point in the last thirty three years and nine months and they've been forever lodged in my mind. I can't forget them for some reason whether it be the texture, the taste or a combination of the two. Sadly, most of them are foods that I either... Continue Reading →


You know you’re going for a job interview when…

...you paint your toenails. WTF? Let me explain.... Remember how my job often makes me want to slit my wrists? Remember how my new boss drives me crazy in 101 ways? Remember how I spend three hours a day commuting to work? Well, I decided to do something about that less than ideal working environment... Continue Reading →

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I've come to another conclusion: I've gotta stop thinking so much! I've just got to lay like broccoli and stop thinking that there is some deep, hidden meaning behind every single one of my interactions with M. Situation 1 - He makes his own coffee. I think: He thinks I'm a crap slave and wants... Continue Reading →

What’s the attraction?

So what's the fascination with a small waist, people? I remember a thread on fetlife a while back about symmetry and how a woman's waist/hip ratio of 0.7 was considered perfect. That ratio apparently gives you the shape that men find most attractive a.k.a the 'breeder' shape. Just for the record, mine is 0.72...I may... Continue Reading →

Where is my lube?

The last time I saw my lube was a couple of months ago when we had people over for lunch. I remember seeing it sitting on the side table in the lounge room and thinking I'd have to put it out of the way before anyone arrived (that was after we'd collapsed & moved my... Continue Reading →

He’s back!

M is back from Melbourne, smelling like his parents' laundry detergent and very, very stressed. Apparently his father stressed him out so much that he needs HOURS & HOURS of cock-sucking before he'll even start to feel 'normal' again. I'm just super glad he's back, so I don't even mind the thought of HOURS &... Continue Reading →

Indulging in norti things

So the man has flown 3000km just to get away from me...or perhaps it's to visit his parents in Melbourne...but whatever the reason, I'll be at home alone for the next 7 days. Totally alone - which is a first for me. Before I always had the poodle pup to keep me company, so the... Continue Reading →

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