What’s the attraction?

So what’s the fascination with a small waist, people?

I remember a thread on fetlife a while back about symmetry and how a woman’s waist/hip ratio of 0.7 was considered perfect. That ratio apparently gives you the shape that men find most attractive a.k.a the ‘breeder’ shape.

Just for the record, mine is 0.72…I may not be perfect, but I’m pretty damn close! At least as far as waist/hip ratios are concerned…lol.

Also for the record, the original Barbie doll in 1959 had a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.5….Since 2000, Barbie has had a larger waist…

The problem with a ratio though is that it means you could theoretically have a 200cm hip and a 140cm waist and still be considered ‘perfect’. I’m pretty sure whatever man dreamed up that ratio wasn’t looking at women whose asses were as large as a truck…

I’ve never had a corset fetish, but I’m assuming that the attraction of the teeny-tiny waist is a part of it?

P.S The last. Absolutely the last. Final. Full stop. Never again. Cross my heart and hope to be spanked until my bottom goes purple (and bonus points if you can name where that comes from) part of Japan, Part 15 is up. It’s a totally boring, picture-free, geeky collection of resources for visiting Japan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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